RC BOATING YACHTING DF65’s & DF95’s Sailing @ other locations DF65 day at the canal


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      Kermit decreed today as a DF65 day for the canal now that we have got serious. But then he spends all his time parked at Rons Reef. Here is my drone footage. No action down the other end of the canal as my brief fly down there shows:



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        FIRST CLASS VIDEO  HOPPY  BUT YOUR INTRO IS NOT QUITE ACCURATE   would you believe that predator asked me to position my boat on the far side so he could practice rescue operations with his fire boat  that was the second reason for being there  the first was  I thought heard UNCLE G with his blue sinkem boat approaching  so I placed her  SS RIGGO  out of harms way  SO THERE YA HAVE IT  all true ………………………………….just say’n

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      nuff said !!


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      As Kermit stated previously, the camera does not lie.

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      Pity the water cannon was not working today Pred.

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        an who would he WET DEAR TUGBOAT

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          I need to fit a fresh water tank for the fire cannon, people get rather annoyed if you squirt salt water over their models, and it clogs the pump up to boot.

          I started a new camera mount design to allow the panning GoPro to fit on the rear deck and then the water cannon can stay on the fore deck, may even get it finished one day.

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      All nice videos gentlemen  as UNCLE G says the camera never lies  but the video story may   my story above still stands  an so help me god its as I said

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      Great vids gents. A big thank you to Kermit for today’s entertainment on beaching his 65 not once but twice, but the Kama stick soon hit yours truly when 006 TX battery died and started doing donuts in the middle of the canal, I had to call on Kermit and sheep to rescue me. I could see me having to drop the jeans to rescue my boat, but luckily for all concerned it didn’t need to happen. Thank you !

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