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      I am having issues with my version 5. This hull (a replacement hull from HWH) is fitted with the electronics from the legendary “duct tape special”, and as such may have been the victim of water ingress.

      Winches were replaced several times and rudder servo replaced at least once. The on/off switch was never replaced.

      The electrics worked ok (winch and rudder) on a bench test last weekend, but now there is not much action. As I switch the boat on there is a slight groan from the winch and a slight movement of the sheets – then nothing. No rudder movement.

      I am guessing the problem is the on/off switch? The batteries work in my other hulls.

      It seems I can buy a replacement kit from HWH but it is designed for the version 3. Will it fit ok in to the version 5?

      I seek your advice.

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      hallo dear boy  check all the wiring plugs for green gunk around the terminal plugs  you also can get a pin and insert into the plugs an twist it around inside to give the  plugs fresh meat to connect onto the male terminal   hope this helps  as for the on off switch connect straight through to the receiver with the battery thus eliminating the switch

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      Pete, the switch assembly has a plug on one end (connected to the receiver) and a socket on the other end (connected to the battery). If you plug your battery pack directly into the receiver it will completely bypass the switch setup and prove if this is the problem or not.

      You can connect the battery to any spare set of servo output pins on the receiver, just remember that the negative (black) goes to the bottom pin and the positive (red) goes to the centre pin. Top pin is the control wire for the various servos but not present on the battery connection.

      From memory the switch assembly (switch, plug, socket & wires) is identical across all model DF 65’s & the DF95 as well. You may however need to use your old switch control wire or bend the new one to fit as V5 & V6 have the switch installed differently


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      Thanks Mike and Kermit. It appears that the switch is guilty!!! Will order a few bits and pieces from HWH.

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      New switch fitted, as well as new transmitter and receiver. It all works (at this stage!!). Thanks for the advice team.

      Interestingly the servo tray in my version 6 is approx. 10mm higher than the tray in the version 5. I guess we need to drain the version 5 hull more frequently to keep the moisture away from the electrics.

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