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      Report & Scores for today supplied by Ron C

      Once again, the wind was variable. This time from the south east. That made our windward start to buoy four so sailors had to contend with the fountain and the semi submerged fountain pipe from the start.

      Two long lost sailors showed up today, Gerald and Col and everyone was glad to see them again.

      Col was a bit rusty at the start but managed a first and a second once he got back into his groove.  Sadly, Gerald didn’t bring a boat and visited for other reasons. He did say he would make sure to bring one next time.

      From my observations, sailors were very respectable today. You could count on the other sailor giving you room when in overlap approaching a buoy and I made sure to reciprocate when I was the one to give room.  The calling of “starboard” was minimal also, as it appeared sailors were very conscious of the “right of way’. Well done everyone.

      Congratulations to Stuart, Jammy and Trout for 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively.

      Special congrats to Stuart with a final handicap of a massive 70 seconds! Gee that boat is fast!

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      A fine day out with my sailing friends. Most enjoyable and a good start to the year.
      it’s great to be back.

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