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      Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 29/3/2022

      With a 95% chance of a massive duckfest (where did they all come from?), near 100% chance of light winds from the East, North, South and West all was set once more for another crackin’ day @ da Duck.

      It was decided to try and eliminate some of the usual raft ups at marks by reducing the number of buoys used in the course. First race we tried a sausage shaped course using numbers #2 and #5 and this worked ok, but with little separation between upwind/downwind boats the next race we included #3 as well.

      This did the trick and with only one raft up in race three, the rest went smoothly

      David #81 lost his fountin’ mountin’ cherry today with a spectacular effort in race five. After a bit of oriental magic he managed to set it free and return to base. Initiation passed with flying colours.

      Great to see our Don #99 back on the Tx today. As his eyesight improves we will see more of the unflappable one near the pointy end again.

      Bit of a kangaroo day for our Ricky #92 today. Ricky sailed well and with three podiums for the day showed he was never far from the front. His best a second in race four.

      Another good sailor out of luck today was Trout #11. All his good work in the first three races came to naught as gear and luck malfunctions put him at the wrong end of the fleet in races four, six and seven.

      Bloody Geoff #80 started in fine form today winning the first two races (DF) with ease. Trouble came in race three when he joined a raft up with Bodge and David. After this DNF our Geoff took another four races to get his mojo back, winning outright in the last race of the day.

      Bodge #08 was always in the front pack, sailing well, not dropping below fourth place for 75% of all races. Despite the very light winds a couple of times catching him on wrong side of the buoy, our Bodge still managed four fine podiums.


      Bit of a slow start from the Admiral #23 today before coming back with a first in race three. Another four podiums including a first in race seven meant he had a good day at the office.

      Conditions weren’t ideal for RG’s today but the slightest hint of a breeze stronger than a zephyr and these greyhounds just disappeared up the course.

      Graham #52 sailed well claiming outright victory in race four and a handy second in race seven.

      Stuart #08 was the gun today until the handicapper handed him a minute penalty for the last three races. Maybe his four first places had something to do with that?

      As is now our custom we race RG’s and DF’s together but score them separately. This fairer system still allows us lots of fun and fellowship and makes the score more realistic at the end of the day.

      Big thank you to all nine skippers who came along and joined in the fun of close racing and spectacular finishes.  Rules were never mentioned and didn’t need to be with all skippers politely taking penalties when required without being asked. This adds to the joy of close racing in production boats and is actively encouraged at da Duck.

      Huge thank you to our Sue for scoring, starting the fleet and adding some gender equity to our day in the sun. We are lucky to have you.

      Here are the scores

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      Congratulations to the podium winners in all classes.

      Another fine write-up as well Col.

      Well done everyone.

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