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      With a forecast of light to very light winds and 95% chance of showers it looked like being just another perfect day @ da Duck …. and so it proved to be.

      Eight well prepared (raincoated) skippers took the start …. and then the wind died …. that gave us lots of time for leg pulling and conversations while drifting toward the first mark. Then a bit of rain decided we would be better off under cover up on the verandah. An Australia-touring DF65 sailing couple came over and we had a chat (still drifting toward the first mark). Unfortunately they had left their boats at home in the belief there were too few good venues to justify bringing them. When they saw da Duck it was an instant regret. We are so lucky to have this venue.

      Anyhow, back to the sailing.

      After a bit of chat and banter the first breeze from the South made an appearance and racing proper was underway.

      David #81 is still learning but decided he needed a leg up today by bringing an extra 30cm of boat (DF95) into the fray.

      Bloody Geoff #80 was back into it, or I should say black into it as he brought the secret Icarex stealth sails to match the conditions.  With three podium positions for the morning it proved a sound strategy.

      Bit of a kangaroo day for our Don #99 upon his return. A win in the second showed he is going to be strong again this year however the lower finishing positions in the remainder did drag his average down this time.

      Sheep #37 had a ordinary day and with the exception of a deserved second in race five, showed great consistency in showing the fleet where every calm spot was on the course.

      Bodge #06 was never far from the pointy end, taking out a victory in race five with style. With one other podium for the morning he too fell victim to the wind vagaries of da Duck.

      Pink Bits aka Pete #78 was back with a vengeance gobbling up podium positions like a hungry man. Laying down the marker with a satisfying win in the first. Our Pete showed the power of consistency in taking out another four podiums in the seven race series.

      A new boat and his trademark Icarex sails saw the Admiral #23 back to join in the fun.

      Three podiums including outright victory in race six celebrated his return to da Duck.

      For drive and pure acceleration when a gust came by there was no match for the jamster Stuart’s RG65 #008 today.  He floated around in the calms like everyone did, however, a bit of a breeze and the jamster was gone.

      Well done everyone on a fun day out sailing little boats with your mates.

      Thanks to Bodge for organising the scoring details, sheep for his superb shovel work and everyone who came and enjoyed the morning.

      From this point onward the DF65 and RG65 yachts will sail together and take time penalties as per normal. In the scoring of final results however they will be separated.

      This move levels the field where clear performance differences in certain conditions lie between the two classes.

      A glance at the score sheets below will reveal how this is being done.



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      Now that was a nice write up an ol pinky was there as well WELL DONE PUDDLE DUCK CREW

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        Well thank you my little froggy mate. Always a spare lilly pad here for you to perch on! Ribit

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      Some very close racing at the Duck today. Lady luck played her part and positions were constantly changing until the finish line was crossed.

      Thank you guys.

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