RC BOATING YACHTING DF65’s & DF95’s DF65 Weights


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      As of this date we now have sixteen boats weighed by their skippers added to our data set.
      In establishing a theoretical weight that includes hull and an A+ rig of 1250g, the following results were obtained.
      Seven hull + Sail weights were under this threshold. Five are within 10g of it and four are over, two of those considerably over.
      Bear in mind these are only preliminary figures. done at home on individual scales and in different circumstances. As such it is soft data until those weights can be confirmed on a single scale.
      Given all the above, it would appear that the ideal threshold seems to be a total, ready to sail weight of 1300g with an allowance of 50g for a battery.

      What is sending alarm bells off for me is how widely differing one copy of a Version can differ from the next. Then there is the difference in weight from one version to the next. It seems clear, even given that this is soft data on a relatively small sample, that all versions up to and including five are lighter than version six. This will not come as a surprise to some, but on the figures we have now it certainly seems likely

      As a preliminary observation it’s a given that there will be exceptions and mitigating circumstances that can skew results. None of these results or observations so far are as yet official until a proper weigh-in using a single set of scales are used and to this end I will bring equipment along to our next DF65 race day meeting on the 14th February at Puddleduck and perform this task.

      I would like to thank all skippers who have responded by contributing their yacht weights in this exercise. I see this as a way to establish a median, fair rating for all competitors in our events using this one design, restricted class yacht.
      Cheers everyone


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      big nose orange 2lb .13 oz  all with battery’s  3 more boats with different rigs

      short nose  black   2lb 13oz

      short nose  duck hunter  3lbs  3oz

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        Thanks for your input Kermit. This survey is for DF65 only with an A+ rig and battery loaded, measured in grams. The weight of your normal battery on its own and type of winch you are using (analog/digital).
        Big nose, short nose these are not classes I’m familiar with.

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      Well dear admiral the weights were from the 65s i don’t know what types. Models  there are so I went by the bumper /nose  ….as they differ  you quoted types  well how do you know what type you have  ta anyway

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