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      For those that missed it here is some important information for the DF95 skippers



      DF 95 Class Rules compliance check list

      Hi all DF 95 skippers,

      Following Sundays 42º South Regatta it was found that there were a few small elements of the class rules that were overlooked or skippers were unaware of. Hence we’ve put together this (incomplete) check list for your info, and for further queries there is also the hot link to the DF 95 Class Rules. There is no order of importance, all boats shall comply with all.


      The builder supplied plastic deck hatch cover shall be used.

      The void below the lead ballast screw fitting cannot be filled.

      A patch material may be used to cover the hole.

      Minimum weight for any battery to power the boat shall be 45gms.

      All sails not supplied by the builder shall be check measured and certified by one of the club’s measurers.

      A central bridle bowsie may be fitted to the main sheet ring fixed to the deck keel fixing screw.

      Correct sail numbers shall be displayed on both sides of every sail.

      The hull registration number shall be fixed on the deck with 20mm (extent) numerals.

      You can’t mix sail weights in a DF95  rig.  (Eg, At one point I had a 36 micron jib and a 50 micron mainsail which is not allowed)


      DF 95 Class Rules – dragonflite-95-restricted-class-rules-v1-2


      Don’t forget to register your boat with the Australian DF Radio Sailing Association


      John Hall (RBRYC)

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