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      There was a challenging, swirling and blustery wind at the Vineyard today. And very cold too! – Those without gloves today knew all about it. There were persistent showers while we were rigging up, so when the cafe manager, Nick, kindly offered us the use of the deck we keenly accepted. Fortunately the sun came out after a few races and we were able to head back to the dam bank.

      Nine skippers fronted the starter and all had chosen their A-rig. I have found it is pretty well always the best choice at Puddleduck as even in a strong wind there are some sizeable holes where the A-rig is a must.

      With the wind predominantly westerly, we tried a new course this morning: Start – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – S – 3 – 5 – S – 3 – 5 – Finish. This course worked well and provided better up-wind legs than the usual ‘lap-of-the-buoys’ course.

      There were plenty of thrills and spills today. Fab Phil ended up snagging himself on one of the marks and he needed to take himself for a bit of a row. Still I can’t laugh as I spent a bit of time twisted up on a buoy myself.

      There was a good mix of race winners today. Third place was taken by Trout who by his own high standards was a bit quiet today. Second place was filled by Phil Turnbull who was really hot out of the blocks in the early races but probably handicapped himself out of ultimate honours. And today’s winner was Lisa who was racing with a new lovely blue hull. Congratulations to the podium place-getters, – but well done by all who sailed bravely in challenging conditions.


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      I loved the new course today Shorty.

      It was technically challenging and the variable wind made it very interesting.

      Good write up as well.

      I might think about heated gloves next time!!!

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        The course was good giving us a windward beat. I did enjoy sailing from the deck, great view of the course. Great day apart from the cold, thank you for posting results.

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