RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2022 DF95 Racing @ Puddleduck 26/07/2022

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      We did manage to avoid the widespread rain that was forecast for this morning but there was not much wind either.

      Our first race was conducted in mirror smooth drifting conditions and was sailed over a short course using just half of the dam. The drifting conditions combined with a large amount of surface debris (mainly bark and loose bamboo shoots) at least gave us all plenty of ammunition for excuses. The only one not to need an excuse was Phil Turnbull who took out the race after lapping half of the fleet. Our first race took 45 minutes to complete.

      Fortunately the wind did filter through eventually and we were able to complete four races for the morning.

      Other notable results included a race win for Stuart Harris bringing home his RG65 ahead of any of the DF95’s. It is good to see you back at the Vineyard Stuart. And Dave Poon came second in the same race, sailing well in the testing conditions.

      Today’s winner was (Bloody) Geoff, who showed greater consistency than most of the rest of us. A good result Geoff – and a welcome return to the winners podium!

      The results sheet  today featured a number tied positions  with count-back being the separator. Second, third and forth all finished on 11 points but Dave Woolley took second place after winning the last race. Well done Dave!

      I managed to take third place today and Trout forth.

      A new barrister was having her first day at the café today and came out to check the coffee order. There was a 79 in the coffee column! Did Geoff really want 79 coffee’s? And did Ron really want 164 mulled wines? Well, it was just as well that she checked first!


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      Hi Shorty,

      I am sure that trouty was second in the last race and notice that there was no second place given so you may wish to update or alternatively tell me to pull my head in. Either would be okay.


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          Hi all,

          Just wanted to let you know that I will be out for a few weeks, not sure how long.

          After feeling dizzy on Wednesday I went to my doctor in Lindisfarne and he straight away called an ambulance. Thursday afternoon I had a pacemaker planted in my chest. I am not allowed to raise my left elbow to shoulder level for 4 weeks. My heart was going below 35 beats /min. The device is now working well keeping my rate at no less than 60.

          Definitely won’t be lifting the A class for a while.

          I will keep you posted on my progress.


          Phil 548

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            That’s no good at all. we were looking forward to seeing you & your A down at the Canal.

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            Hi Phil

            It sounds like you did a good thing getting to a doctor. I wish you a speedy and full recovery and hope that you will rejoin the crew at the vineyard soon. (Always OK to bring yourself a chair along if it helps too.)

            Cheers Shorty

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        Great write up Shorty.

        I can’t believe I managed to drive home after 164 Mulled Wines!!! 🤣🤣🤣

        I took a short Snapchat Video on my phone of the calm conditions:

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          Thanks Sheep!!!

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            Cheers John,

            1. Hope it won’t be too long before I can get back to the duck. My left arm movement and lifting is restricted for a couple of weeks. Looking forward to catching up with you all soon.
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          Hi Team

          Dave you are absolutely correct. You did sent me out to rummage through my garbage bin which was street side as tonight is the night and I am guessing that all the neighbours were watching but I did retrieve a rather soggy results sheet and as you know rightly recalled Trout came second in the last race! So corrected results are attached. And my apologies to anyone affected. So:

          Geoff still wins the day! Congratulations again Geoff!

          Trout takes 2nd spot. Well done Phil and sorry for my error.

          And Dave Woolley completes the podium. Really good sailing Sheep!

          Thanks also to Phil Turnbull who also alerted me to this.



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          Well Shorty, at least your mistake got you posting on the website and you did a fine job adding your updated score sheet. Well done.

          Now all you need to do is remember your password for next fortnight and you will be able to do the whole lot yourself.

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          Cheers old fella.

          Head down and bum up in the rubbish bin – the neighbours will be penning the petition as I type this.

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