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      Most of the skippers were smiling this morning when we were met by a good Northerly of about 15 knots at Puddleduck.  Flat water and strong winds make for fast and exciting sailing of  DF95’s. B-rigs rarely come out of the sail box at Puddleduck but two of the eight skippers were keen enough to give them an airing while the rest stuck with our A-rigs.

      As always the racing was tightly contested. It was great to see Dave Poon right in amongst the fleet for a lot of todays sailing. His dedication is rewarding him with improvement each week.

      Dave Woolley (Sheep) was keen to try out his never-before-used B-rig today but was underpowered early and battled with extreme weather helm when the wind came up.

      ‘The Admiral’ Col Johnson was back today after a bout of Covid and in good form as usual. Just before race 6, Col declared that Willy Weather had shown a spike in wind strength at Campania. And, true enough, before the race was over the wind came through scuttling the fleet. It kept us on our toes for the rest of the day and brought the B-rigs back into the equation. Col came through to take 2nd place in race 6 and backed it up again in race 7 with another 2nd place after leading all the way.

      When we were totalling up the results at the day’s end it was ‘the Smiling Assassin’ Phil Turnbull who was widely tipped to take the chocolates after winning three of the last four races. But, who would of thought that he could have been beaten into fourth today. A great day’s sailing from Phil but it well demonstrates how consistent high places are generally better than a number of wins.

      Third place today went to Geoff Matthews. In the second race the whole fleet was bunched in a hole near buoy 2. Geoff was less than a meter ahead of the rest of us but got his own private gust and took off. By the time that we had reached the next buoy Geoff was over a leg ahead and we didn’t see him again that race! Great sailing today Geoff.

      Jammy and Trout tied for top spot today with Trout getting the nod on count-back due to his three race wins. Congratulations to both.

      All in all a great day’s sailing at Puddleduck.

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      Great writeup Shorty, described the day perfectly well done!

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      I agree Col. Magnificent write up Shorty. It makes me feel like I was there!

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