RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2022 DF95 Summer Series 2022 (Day 4)

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      Report & Results supplied by John (Shorty) Short.

      There was a quite strong southerly at Puddleduck today which sometimes asked us if we should be thinking about B rigs. But A rigs were both chosen and needed to pull us through some calm holes.

      Eight skippers took to the dam today. Jammy had terrible trouble with a new winch that he had just fitted. It was one of the latest digital versions that hobby warehouse are supplying but Jammy found that it unpredictably hauled his sails in without any input from his transmitter. It was almost spooky! The good thing is that this happened this week at Puddleduck and not in several days time during the National Championships.

      Race honours were well shared around today but the overall winner was Phil Jackman followed by Phil Turnbull and Dave Woolley.  (Two race wins in Dave’s third place – well done Dave.) Also worthy of mention today is Dave Poon’s efforts. Although at the back of the fleet overall Dave sailed much better this week and was competitive in all races.

      This week was the forth of our 5-race Summer Series and after discards have been taken we see Phil Turnbull emerge as the new leader but just one point ahead of Phil Jackman and myself who are tied together for 2nd and 3rd. (See tally below.) So, next fortnight’s racing should be very interesting!

      All the best to our representatives who are competing in the nationals later this week. (Phil Turnbull and Jammy Jones). Go for it guys!

      John S

      Today’s results

      Week 4 Handicap update


      Summer Series results so far

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      Well done everyone.

      It’s very intereting watching the DF95 Summer Series develop as time passes.


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