RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2022 DF95 Summer Series 2022 (Day 5)

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      Last time the DF95’s met, calm and miserable conditions prevailed. It meant that we didn’t complete a race and the completion of our summer series was delayed until today. The conditions at ‘The Duck’ this morning were much more favourable: A 2-10 knot southerly with enough shifts, gusts and dirty great holes to make it interesting. Nine skippers made for a strong fleet.

      It was great to welcome back ‘The Admiral’, Col Johnson to the fleet today. Col has been working on a building project for the last six or seven months but has finally got his priorities right!

      Col was quick to show that his absence did him no harm as he cleaned up the first two races straight off the bat. Unfortunately gear failure led to an early finish for ‘the admiral’ today.

      With the Summer Series on the line racing was very competitive today and only 6 points separated today’s first 6 placings.

      I managed to win the day today with two wins and three 2nds. Second today was ‘Bloody’ Geoff Matthews who finished with the same number of points but conceded on count-back. Third was the irrepressible Jammy who did not win a race today but was always in the mix.

      Racing for the summer series was tight throughout and before today’s racing Phil Turnbull held a one-point lead over Phil Jackman and myself. Trout (Phil Jackman) didn’t turn up today leaving Phil and I to fight for the prize. While Phil won two races today I finished far enough ahead to squeeze past him to take the title.

      Huge thanks to Jammy Jones for suggesting this series and donating the prize: a brand new set of A-rig sails. (Watch out now Jammy – those sails will make me very competitive!)

      In the coffee and chat afterwards we agreed that the camaraderie is the best thing about sailing at Puddleduck and while the series added interest to our racing calendar it is important not to lose sight of how important the social aspect of our sailing is. I think I am quoting Jammy who said, “If you can drive home thinking – ‘I had fun racing with my mates’, then that’s pretty much what we are doing it for.” With this in mind we decided to try to keep racing casual and fun by re-installing our old handicap system – that is: Everyone starts the day on scratch (handicap 0) then a time penalty is applied each race to the winner and 2nd place getter (10 sec and 5 sec respectively).




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      Was a lot of fun today thanks guys. Yes, it’s all about having fun sailing with your mates first and foremost.
      Congratulations on the place getters for the series and for everyone who came along and supported the series. Thanks to Jammy for his donation and to Shorty for doing an excellent job of running it.
      Yes, all work finished at home and time now for some sailing with the mates once again.

      See you there!

      Winners photo being photo-bombed by Bloody Geoff.
      Stand up Phil!!

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      Great turnout guy’s! Congrats Shorty  well deserved 👏.                                        Unfortunately unable to participate due to back procedure.                              Cheers                                                            Trout

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