RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered E-flite Pulse XT25e kit build

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      Prior to Christmas I purchased from Kermit one of his brother John’s RC plane kits. John was disposing of many & I sold lots for him but thought as we were getting down to the last few I should purchase one myself for a build project.

      I settled on a 2008 E-flite Pulse XT 25e.

      Over the past couple of months I have been purchasing the bits & pieces needed to complete the build, motor, esc, digital metal gear servos, servo leads etc.

      The last of the Corona metal geared digital servos turned up today so once the motor mount in the Pitts Special & the motor in BumbleBee were replaced it was time to start the XT25e.

      Landing gear & spats are on (although I will remove the spats before flying @ the field.

      Rudder & tailplane are fitted

      Rudder & elevator servos & linkages installed, centred & tested

      Receiver & Tx have been programmed & tested just not yet installed as I need to fit the ZOHD RTH autopilot first.

      I went to install the Turnigy G25 870kv motor only to find the motor mount doesn’t match the E-flite 25e motor that the firewall is set up for.  I’ll need to redrill a couple of holes in the alloy motor mounting plate and all should then fit OK.

      That’s it for tonight, motor will be fitted tomorrow along with all the electronics and then just need to fit the wings.

      At the moment I’m 3d printing a pilot & once completed it will need to be painted & a dashboard fitted before the cockpit can be installed.

      Just need to paint him now.

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      Looks very nice Mike. Good job. I can’t wait to see it fly.

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      Very nice Mike! The pilot looks like Vladimir Putin!

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        Yes Ian, he does a bit. Will look different when painted.

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      Well the build is finished, installed the motor & ESC today along with the wings and aileron servos.

      I’ve also removed the runway wheels/spats and installed a set of larger “Bush” wheels with no spats to better handle the sheep paddock.

      After putting the first coat of paint on the 3D printed pilot I decided he was too small so have now printed a larger one (in cockpit above).


      Getting quite a collection

      The mount for the ZOHD RTH/stabiliser has been printed so I’ll install that along with the Rx in the morning while waiting for paint to dry on the pilot.

      She should then be good to go.

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      Installed the ZOHD RTH/stabiliser today and finished programming the radio with all the recommended throws etc. The COG is very close to to recommended with a 3000mAh 3s LiPo hard forward against the firewall but I may need to add just a tad of weight in the nose.

      Note: after a couple of flights the flight battery has been moved back around 35 – 40mm from the firewall. It was a tad nose heavy with the first setup.

      The Pulse XT 25e is ready to take to the skies.

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      I’m nervous for you!

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        That’s alright Ian, I’m nervous as well but it will either fly or it won’t. Only time will tell.

        Not even sure if it will fit in the car for Monday as I want to test the Pitts Special and the new motor in the BumbleBee so it may need to wait till the next time we fly if there’s not enough room.

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      The last 2 flying days I have flown the XT 25e and been very happy with it.

      The ZOHD Kopilot is only needed for RTH (I’ve had to use it a couple of times already as the predominantly yellow plane disappears the moment you take your eyes off it) . The ZOHD Kopilot also has a built in switchable stabiliser that make landing in the wind a tad easier but you don’t really need is as the plane has that good “locked in” feel about it.

      Today the new 12 x 8e APC prop turned up (this is the recommended size but I have been running an 11 x 8e as it was all I had) so it has been fitted ready for another test flight.

      I have also ordered a 4200mAh 3S 75C LiPo as the current ones I have – 3000mAh  3S 30C LiPo’s trigger the low voltage telemetry back to the radio very quickly at WOT. Back the power off and at least 10 minutes of flight is achievable. Testing this morning shows the motor draws 8 amps more with the larger prop so I think the larger capacity battery will be needed.

      For those that are interested here are the test results with the two props, both tested on a fully charged battery.

      E-flite Pulse XT 25e

      Motor –  Turnigy 25e 870kV (theoretical 9918 rpm – no load)

      ESC – Aerostar 40A reversible

      Battery – Floureon 3000mAh 11.4v 3S 30C LiPo

      Prop 11 x 8e

      RPM – 8700

      Watts – 360W

      Current – 34A WOT

      Prop 12 x 8e

      RPM – 8100

      Watts – 470W

      Current – 42A WOT

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