RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Early Start Tuesday Fly-In

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      Well Hoppy did it again, picked a perfect day for flying.

      The call was for a 9:30 am start (which scared some of the pilots away) as the weather was to turn a tad ordinary around midday. It didn’t happen and the 6 pilots in attendance all had multiple flights with a large array of different aircraft.

      Andrew had a perfect flying day today & went home with all planes intact as there were no Plovers to attack his flying things today.

      Rian only stayed for a short while but also had no issues today.

      I had one rough landing (coming in on RTH) with the AR Wing and knocked the motor mount & one winglet loose but nothing a spot of glue wont fix.

      Moose spent most of the day perfecting landing with his TrainStar Epoch, might need a bit of work on the landing struts but overall he went very well & went home a happy man.

      Both Hoppy & Kermit have a couple of planes to repair after a day of misadventure for them.

      As usual our resident frog Kermit did a superb job with the BBQ lunch, thanks Kermie !!


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      Kermit asked me to not lodge any videos today and as he is my BFF I will oblige. My V tail balsa glider suffered a lot of damage. I think one of the V tails broke off in flight while I was circling tightly in a rough thermal. Anyway it plowed in vertically from 200 feet. Motor and battery need replacing and wing will need a substantial rebuild. Oh well, its over twenty years old so I got good mileage out of it, even the trophy for winning the Tas 7 Cell comp held near Lonny in the days when 7 Nicad cells were the power source.


      So I may be after a new Rudder/Elevator thermal glider!

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      NO NO NO  hoppys at it again   false news  unlike the fab two I would never try to influence the fur coat as his grab for cash dwells with  the corruptible an so far its only reached the fab two Hoppy and the evil one …you know him as UNCLE G  I am at a loss as to why hoppy just simply pay the fur coat an get the GMA without a video  makes no difference to MR MOOSE  as he has demonstrated numerous times in the past  ” Money for GMA ” AN ITS YOURS

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      This weeks very deserving winner is?

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      A very deserving winner though I would question how many sheep were traumatized in the making of the videos?

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      The Way pred was talking to them I thought they were family

      At one  stage he was hands and knees looking into the eyes of one particular sheep

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        BA taught me well, velcro gloves & gumboots (old NZ trick)

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      WELL there ya go a deserving winner for sure BUT  in my video there was a lot removed from  the sheep paddock  “someone ” was on all fours looking intently at a close shaved ewe  not saying who but the walk of shame is for two incidents in that paddock not one   as for my effort for the GMA  I was informed that I had to much sky an two many planes so I will have to work on that OH WELL BAAAAAA to it

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