RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 Easter Saturday Fly-In 2022

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      Another fine day of mates & flying @ the Field today. The day started off a bit chilly but quickly warmed up once the sun finally came out from behind the cloud cover.

      Unfortunately one of our great flying buddies suffered a medical episode in the middle of an early flight today, we all wish him well & a speedy recovery.

      Ian had his “tree” plane from Wednesday returned to him by Kermit and after a couple of quick tweaks he was up and flying with the “jet powered” (well EDF powered) Trainstar. It flew well today.

      Gerald & I flew multiple planes without incident today (which is always a bonus)

      Moose flew a tiny powered glider he had recently acquired & after a tuning tweak or two it flew exceptionally well. Also flew his Cessna & Trainstar Epoch with me tailing behind with the Slow Poke.

      Kermit had some uneventful flights with his Sky Surfer but was still having issues with a probable loose connection in the yellow Cub at so that one stayed grounded.

      Lunchtime BBQ was, as always, enjoyed by those in attendance & then it was back to some more flying till we packed up around 13:30.

      That’s All Folks !!

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      My video from today,

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        Thanks Gerald, another fine production.

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        Another quality video from Toad Hall Productions, well done St. Kermit.

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        And we didn’t have to wait all night, Nice video St. Kermit.

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      UP DATE ON MR MOOSE  he has a bleed on the the brain  his condition has worsened  his left side is paralysed  he will remain in intensive care section  until they can resolve the bleed    I will continue to relate the information as soon as I receive it

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      Thanks for the update Kermit

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      Get well Mr Moose. Hope to see you back on the field soon.

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      Get well quick Moose

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      Thanks for all fine videos!  All good wishes to Moosey!

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      GENTLE MEN  The health of MR MOOSE  is not good  I will give an update  when I get it

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      Oh, geez

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      Moose please get better soon. Mike and Andrew messaged me. Kermit,any update?

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      HOPPY  I will be talking to judy today (after noon ) yesterday it wasnt good news she said shes expecting the worst  he did not recognise her when she saw him  she said he is paralysed they cant operate because the brain bleed cant be stopped and he is too weak  to go through one   when I know more  you all will know  through this media

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      I cant get through to judy  for the past few days  so  we will have to wait  for news

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      Oh no, I’m so sorry to read about Mr Moose’s medical episode. I hope you get well Mr Moose.

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      JUST got off the phone with Judy  Moose is stable  he did raise his left hand today  but the doctors have said its a good sign but not to read too much into it  Sometimes he can talk ok  but in the next instant  garbled stuff  he can go back wards fast so the doctors have said be prepared   its good I think that the doctors  have told her the facts not  gooby goop and she appreciates the truth as do we all I recon any way as you all know the moose is a fighter lets hope his will to fight on will shine through I also told her that we all are thinking of them now and in the hard times ahead ……………Judy thanks you all

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        Thanks for the update Kermit, here’s hoping he keeps on improving and is back enjoying his flying soon.

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      Thanks Kermit.

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      Thanks Kermit

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      Thanks Kermit for your updates. I’m sure we all want mooose back with us, but it’s going to be a long haul.   He’s a GM!

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      After seeing the great videos I see our great Moose is unwell.

      I hope you recover well Mr Moose – all the best and I will see you when we get back from Brisbane.🤗

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