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      For the last day in Autumn the Moose chose a perfect day with hardly any wind. A bit chilly to start with but it warmed up lunch time. Moose pranged his Zohd on launch but no one was videoing and this was the worse bingle for the day. Not much thermals around as a bit chilly but we decided on Wednesday for the next session which is forecast a bit warmer. Here is footage from my Drifter comparing the old #16 cam with the #32 cam. Im not convinced on the new #32 especially as it has lag or latency when compared to the #16.



      And here is some Fox glider footage with 332 camera:


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      Hoppy, I believe Kermit’s Esky was the winner for the crash of the day.

      Here is my video from today,

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      Hoppy, your #16 camera has a slightly wider lens by the look of it and the focus is much better (especially close up) than the #32 on the first video from the Drifter.

      However, the #32 footage from the Fox looks fine, maybe it’s just the lens is further away from the closest target and that there is virtually no vibration in the Fox.

      All in all it looks like everyone had a fine (and almost uneventful) day of flying.

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