RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Fathers Day Fly-In 2021

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      ‘Twas another fine flying day that the Moose picked for us today.

      We had a good turn-up with (I think) 8 pilots. Several of the regulars were tied up with family duties for Fathers Day.

      We started at 10:00 today as the wind was predicted to increase after lunch. During the early flights the winds were quite light, increasing around midday, when we were having lunch and then decreasing again for a bit more flying after lunch.

      There were a couple of minor mishaps today, I had one hard landing with the BumbleBee glider which busted the folding prop blades and opened up the repaired cracks in the wing & fuse. At least I can now get into it to carry out the repairs a bit better than the first time.

      Ron managed to prang his cardboard Spitfire & just when he had it flying beautifully, Kermit removed the undercarriage from his FunCub with a rather aggressive landing but luckily easily fixed, likewise IanRM managed to bend the undercarriage of his TrainStar Acclaim after several successful flights. Some time was spent looking for his battery hatch at the crash landing site only to find it was sitting safely on the ground where he had forgot to install it.

      Ian isn’t the only one with memory problems, I wandered aimlessly around the cars & the field looking for my favourite flying cap, only to find it sitting on the shelf when I got home !! KRAFT !!

      I think Rian had the worst prang today when he caught a downdraught on landing & severely crumpled the nose of a very nice looking larger plane.

      I also got a bit of a touch along by a resident plover when it tried to knock the Sky Shadow out of the sky. No damage even though he gave it a good shake but as luck would have it, no onboard camera for that flight. Bummer.

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      Here is brief footage of my Esky Eagles at top of hill and around a tree. Too windy for a proper tree session. Coming soon are some clips from the Mobula7 HD whoop that I bought off Rian.



      Here is my FPV maiden of the Mobula7:



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      Rian had some footage on the sd card in the Mobula7 and is happy for you to see it. First off some indoor whoop racing. Ive never seen indoor stuff before and its really good:



      Due Covid the indoor racing is on hold so looks like Rian also had fun at his work place:



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      I thought UNCLE G  had this one all sown up sooo whats going on  MR MOOSE  twice now he has foresaken his bestest mate in favour of two people who have withstood his demands for  “cash for favour ” Has the fur coat been persuaded from pressure by the video team to reject cash ? Has he turned over a new hoof  Has UNCLE G  rejected MR MOOSE’S  demands for cash    OR is this a ploy to get out of opening the farms cattle sheds gates  to which he was given this honour  What ever the real reason is time will tell  as the GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD has been tainted with corruption and evil going ons   I  cannot accept this award  because Im green……. and gold do not go well together  and for the previous stated reasons  Let us hope this is the new MR Moose  so the title with  honour will return to the GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD

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      MR Kermit

      I will treat those comments with the contempt they deserve

      Why can’t you accept things gracefully

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      oh no  does this mean your going back to cash for reward ?

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      Not sure when we’ll get a decent flying day next but at least the repairs to the BumbleBee are almost completed. The wing that was broken into about 6 pieces is all back together & fibreglass reinforced, now just need to complete a minor repair to the fuselage and fit the new folding prop when it turns up.

      My Sonic Modell AR Wing, recently purchased from QLD arrived today. It has been assembled & fitted out and is ready to fly.


      Not a lot of difference wing size wise 900mm vs 820mm but it sure has a lot more room inside when compared to the S800 Sky Shadow.  Will be interesting to see how she flies.

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      I have a spare folderable prop if you want

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        Thanks Kermit but the order for my new ones should be here in a couple more days.

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