RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Field Fly Monday 2nd august 2021


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      The weather gods were kind today as it was a pefect day with no wind and no need for jackets. Mike, Gerald, Andrew, Rian, Kermit and I were present. Andrew got disorientated and damaged his big fibreglass electric glider again but we can blame Moose for softening it up before. Some minor bingles and a nice BBQ and we flew till 2pm when an 8kt breeze kicked in.

      One video from me from my AXN which has wheels on it today:



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      Yes Hoppy, it sure was a fine flying day (and probably the only one this week) given that it’s the middle of winter, teeshirt weather around the lunchtime BBQ.

      Here is the footage from the 3m FMS Fox Glider’s first flight, I stuffed up (operator error) the second Dolly Trolly launch after lunch & broke the elevator locking pin so only one flight from the Fox today but it was a beauty.

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      What great clear Videos well done boys

      Looked like a great day sorry I missed out

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      Yes Moose, you missed a good one today.

      Here is my video from today

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      Yes its this weeks winner time

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      WELL THERE YA GO AGAIN  how much did UNCLE G PAY you again …………good god man have you no shame  I personally don’t like silly awards   WE FILM FOR THOSE THAT CANT BE THERE  unlike some people that live for the glory of the so called the \GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD  an then bribe to win it because they cant make the cut

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      Congratulations Kermit on winning The Golden Moose Award

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      WHAT WHAT  I WON   No way   ………….. ok then  May I say , what iv always admired about the GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD   is the fact that anyone can win  I understand the selection board is very professional and skilled in evaluating an entry  So if you don’t bribe  you can achieve the top award  through superb videoing   i.e. framing your shots / a story    / keeping the  shots short  / brilliant editing  there are more examples but if you will want to be as good as me you need to do a course through TOP GUN VIDEO SCHOOL   ( discounts available   )    and in conclusion  I would like to thank  my partner  Miss piggy…  MY tadpole mates….  Ralph (the eagle ) Betty  (my car )  Herbert  (my camera ) to which this award would not have been possible   and also  KERMIT SENIOR  for the inspiration to excel in this fine art   …………THANK YOU

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      What’s your name again       Kermit the Crawler

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      What do you mean MR MOOSE sir,  did I not acknowledge your fine work as the judge of the golden moose award   if my words  offend you  I apologise  or was it that I may have implied that you took bribes for favours  FOR it is on record that you did in fact take a      reward  for favours  ie  two  GMA ‘s  to the  pretend video king   so why upset ?………..crawler in deed

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      Missed this one from Monday.

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      WELL PREDATOR  IFIN  you had presented this one on the day  you woulda won the converted GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD for sure

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        That is why I posted it late, didn’t want to be seen to be stealing your thunder.

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      WELL PRED OL cobber I was shocked I just assumed the  sinker would win and posted my objections before Mr moose said I won but if you had posted that last one  it woulda been yours  or may be not  depends on if you pay the buggar   I DIDNT so was surprised at the award  may be I have to pay later    HES A FUNNY ONE IS OUR MR MOOSE

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