RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Field Fly Tues24th August 2021

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      Mike picked a nice day especially after lunch when the wind dropped out and some weak thermals kicked in. Present were Rian, Ian. Steve, UG, Andrew, Dave, Mike, Kermit and myself. Not many incidents today which means we are not trying hard enough. Only one vide from me today. My yellow Tigermoth has a new quieter motor now and a lot less jello for the onboard keychain cam. Here is the video:



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      I thought I was there as well?

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        Oh guess that means no video of the day for me…

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        Looks like Hoppy renamed you “UG” in his post, sounds more like the noise Kermit makes every time you stomp on him.

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      It sounds more like a Sports Car now than the Tiger Moth of old.

      Don’t know about the Jello though, not one of the better points of the keyring cameras. I have a similar problem (to a lesser degree) with the Sky Shadow.

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      I know there were some naysayers  with my predictions of the weather today (even Mr Moose wasn’t convinced & was a no show today) but overall it was a very pleasant flying day, especially after lunch-as suggested.

      As Chris stated there were no incidents of note today but it wasn’t for the lack of planes in the air. Everyone had multiple flights with multiple aircraft (as it should be) and all came home in one piece.

      The Around the Field video is finished, the onboard stuff may take a little longer.

      That’s it from me, the other two RunCam2 videos were corrupted. I think there is a bug in the latest firmware update. I’ll go back to an earlier one before next flight.

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      OK MR FUR COAT  UNCLE G      IS OUT  no video from him so no money  DOES HE STILL WIN    he did have a hand in my video  but I had to edit it heavily to make something of it   shouldnt go in his favour  ……………or will it …..NARH  you couldnt be so misguided  ohh just a thought DID  he pay in advance ?

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      QUESTION is the MR MOOSE  irrelevant  WE now have not one but 3 weather  predictors one has been failing in his advance notices  whilst the other two have jumpted right in  and as the last flyin has showed  perfect prediction  so I ask the question thats on every ones lips Do we give the gate opening job to the fur coat and retire him from predicting the weather  or use him as a back …back up weather man……………………………………..just say’n

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      Thank you all cameramen! Most enjoyable to examine  flights in detail.

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      Loved the slowmo of the leaping Sport 40 going for the Olympic long jump!🤣

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