RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Field Fun Fly on Thursday 29th October 2020


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      Mitch, BA, Uncle G, Pred, Kermit, Ian and myself which makes about 7 turned out today and it was a nice day. I only had the one onboard cam on the TL2000 so not much footage. Its been suggested I make the entire cockpit matt black to reduce the reflection off the canopy. But I like the modern instrument panel.  Kermit and I did brief seaplane activites but not much water left in the puddle, enough for the Skipper but not the twin float planes.


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      Looking pretty good even with the reflection.

      Given that most of the worst reflection is coming off the top of the black dashboard maybe covering in with thin self adhesive felt (from Spotlight) would reduce the reflection without spoiling the interior look. Its not much thicker than paper so wont add weight and it has virtually no reflective qualities.  I used if for carpet in the Fireboat cabin and should have a small bit left around here somewhere so if I find it you can give it a try.

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      My videos from today

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      THE BOARD HAS MADE ITS DECISION    THE CRITERIA IS HARD TO FORE FILL  BUT MUST BE AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE TO THEM    SO PREDATOR GETS BOTH  GONGS FOR  IN FLIGHT  AND ON FIELD   VIDEOS   as usual all correspondence can be sent to our president  ian  (he loves reading them )


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      Looks like a good day was had by all.  Sorry I could not make it Drs can’t afford to cancel never know when you get the next one.

      great videos Just keep the coming

      I have made a call for Next Monday 2/11 for our next flying date  if that suites everyone ,just a suggestion

      By the way Kermit my friend I think you will have to give serious consideration to placing a ban on Predator from attending when you want to fly.

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      YES TO TELL THE TRUTH  (some thing I always do )  I have been toiling with the idea of a separate day for BA  to play by himself due to my inability to get the aircraft into the air when he is around  I must approach  our glorious leader with this proposal  the aircraft was fine when I went sea planeing

      PS. predator is fine its bad angel  that is the worry  (your thoughts got crossed when typing I’m sure )

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      Monday is good for me, Tuesday Im busy.

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      I think you are too modest , Kermit!  I think your production was the equal of any there……helped of course by the skill and poise of the characters in the video.    Thank you cameramen…enjoyed them all.

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