RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Field Fun Fly Thursday 11th March 2021

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      Moose picked another good low wind day and there were nice thermals around the middle of the day. Present were Andrew, Kermit, Moose, Mike, Mitch, Gerald, Ian and myself. Kermit claims to have the only prang of the day so lets await footage. My keychain 808 #32 was given a beta firmware fix that makes it OK for FPV now but in my tweaking I knocked it out of focus. So I wont put footage from that till I fix the focus. But its a good cam to get now. Here is footage from my old #16 on lepetit again:



      And here is my Eagles near hill top with Hawkeye split Firefly cam




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      Kermit after what you said to Tugboat Here is proof I still have it

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      Definitely another fine day of flying @ The Field today.

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      Great video Chris & Kermit.

      Looking forward to our next fly-in on Monday or Tuesday

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      Greatv videos men andKermit

      The Moose reckons Wednesday is the pick of the days for next weeks forecast at this stage is for light winds same as last flight day

      Anything could happen Mon winds 25 to 30 knts and tues 20 to 25 knts

      we will have to wait and see

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      Even the birds can flip on landing!

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      looks like a moose landing to me

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