RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing @ Lauderdale Canal Sailing & Boating @ Lauderdale Canal 2022 Finally a Fine Saturday @ the Canal

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      The forecast for today was not a lot different to last Saturday, 17 deg & occasional showers so after last weeks deluge we were hoping for some better luck this week.

      Temp only managed to get to 14 before lunch (and 16 by mid afternoon) but at least the winds were generally fair & the rain stayed away.

      Good turnout today both at our end & the Marine Modellers end of the canal.

      We had Dave (Moo), Pete (Pink Bits), Dave (chinaman), Kermit & yours truly all sailing. Kermit had his V2 Focus (ex Moose) purring along beautifully (after a couple of minor radio adjustments) & I had “Imposter” (the IOM look-alike) while the rest had DF65’s.

      We had a visit from Ricky today along with his beautifully presented (as are all Ricky’s models) 30 year old model warship but Uncle G was a no show today.

      Both Kermit & I managed to get some video in between sailing bouts however as Kermit is shacking this afternoon his contribution will not be posted till tomorrow.

      This video in 4K from my Sony Handicam


      This video in 4K from my Insta360 ONE X2 360degree camera with the lenses facing port & starboard. (will take around an hour to load to YouTube)


      I have one more SkipperCam to go, this time with the camera lenses facing fore & aft. I also boosted the colour & contrast on this one as the day was rather gloomy and a bit dark in the other videos.

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      Down the other end,

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      Very crisp and clear Mike, looking forward to seeing the 360 footage in 4k

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      Good fun!  I like the hovercraft!

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        Some good video there. Good enough to show my jib lead is not running freely at times. We started with fellow floaty Sheep who seemed to vanish from pontoon and car park.  Hope all was well.

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        I came up to especially to look after you Kermit.Notice the sinker was too scared to show.If you have any more trouble let me know

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          On behalf of the entire floaters group  we thank you CAPTAIN WICKY  as noted your presence at our end ( sunny end ) by the dastardly sinker had the desired effect  for the first time in yonks  he wasn’t able to harass us   you are are a great humanitarian CAPT’N   may your sails always be full an fair winds

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        Yeah, when I saw Wicky’s navy on the water, I put my boat back in the car and went home!

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          Well    I have been approached by the floater members  to ask for a contract with wicky  for a permeant presence  of his War ship on our sailing days  but I personally think THE SINKER realisers that his days as scourge of the canal are over so he may as well relinquish his title sinker  to one that will suit him better  perhaps   jelly fish/ flounder / or just revert back to his old job  of  ol folks carer

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