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      I’ve been after a Durafly Excalibur V-tail glider for a very long time but new ones have been unavailable for over two years & all the second hand ones I’ve looked at were either crap condition or way overpriced.

      Anyway HK & Durafly have finally released the updated Version 2 model so I got in quick this time.

      Should have it in a week or so from the AU warehouse.

      With a top speed of in excess of 100MPH (161kph) I may need to tone it down a bit and use a 3S rather than a 4S battery but we shall soon see.

      Will be a prime candidate for an iNav FC methinks.


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      Struth 💯 mph sure makes it a mean machine.🤞


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        Yes Stephen, I may have to tone it down a bit and use a 3s rather than 4s battery

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      very nice Mike

      I have looking at the reviews on youtube have ot heard a bad comment nothing but praise

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        Thanks Mr Moose, the original Excalibur was good but everyone reckoned it was a Warmliner rather than a Hotliner. Don’t think the Hotliner moniker will be a problem with the V2

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      The Excalibur turned up today, 6 days from order was not to bad considering it was road freight due to the LiPo battery.

      It was well packed and arrived undamaged so that is a good start.

      Anyway, the build was very straight forward with 4 capscrews to secure the plug in wings & 7 self tappers to secure the tail being virtually all that was required to assemble.

      Fitted & adjusted the linkages & balanced the 13 x 8 prop and she is ready to install the iNav auto pilot (but there’s not much room inside)

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      Wow, it sure looks the part! A simple build is a bonus 🙂

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      After a lot of pushing & shoving (and a bit of 3D design & printing) I have managed to get the iNav F411-WSE flight controller into the Excalibur. It all appears to be working fine and by the way Gerald, I figured out how to change the radio display from knots to KPH, it was as easy as changing the default in the telemetery page of the radio. What ever units are set there for any of the displays are what comes up in the LuaScript display.

      Hopefully the weather will be kind on Saturday and I will get to maiden her.

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      Just a quick update on the Excalibur V2 Hotliner.

      The V2 flies beautifully (both fast & slow), glides well & thermals when the conditions are right.

      I normally fly with a 4S 2200mAh 40C LiPo battery but have also flown multiple times with a 3S 2200mAh 30C LiPo and the only real difference is the speed and perhaps just slightly better thermalling.

      I was disappointed that the original ESC played up on only the second flight but this was quickly replaced by HK under warranty.

      Still had some motor “stutter” issues with the replacement ESC but setting the timing to High rather than Auto seemed to fix that.

      There were occasions, usually after a High Speed dive with no power, that the motor failed to start & I wasn’t sure why.  Noted on line that there were a couple of reports of the prop catching on the canopy so on last Sunday when the motor again failed to start I made some low level passes over the field & checked the prop position.

      Turns out that the prop was indeed catching on the left side of the canopy on occasions after a dive. I suspect that during a high speed power off manoeuvre the cooling air flowing through the numerous vents in the V2 creates enough pressure in the cockpit to push the canopy out ever so slightly and allow the prop to get caught and the motor fail to start.  This is probably what caused the failure of the original ESC from applying full power whilst the motor was jammed.

      After the problem was identified on Sunday I flew the remainder of the flights with a velcro strap around the canopy which fixed the problem (although not looking that neat).

      Today I have added a small plastic tab (taped onto the fuselage only) that covers the canopy join on the LHS and prevents the prop getting caught (hopefully).

      No doubt next fly day will be the test.

      Another option is to tape the side of the canopy but that sort of defeats the purpose of having a clip on canopy for easy removal.

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        One final update, I’ve flown two flying days (and several flights each day) since adding the tab (above post).

        The little mod to the canopy worked a treat, no more problems with the prop getting stuck now.

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