RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2023 First fly-in for 2023

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      Friday 6th January 2023

      It was an even better day than forecast, a balmy 21 degrees and no wind to speak of till well after lunch.

      Ricky was a non starter (fishing is always first priority) but we still had Ron, Gerald, Kermit & myself and a most enjoyable day was had by all.

      A lot of flying, a few crashes (nothing that cant easily be repaired) & a BBQ lunch to boot. What more could you ask for?

      The rest of my videos may be a bit late this week as its almost time to head out to the pub for our Friday meal & hopefully we will be fishing tomorrow (hope Ricky left a few for us to catch).

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      Here is a couple from me,

      The first is with the Esky with the Runcam Thumb Pro camera using Gyroflow stabilisation software

      And some footage from the drone,

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        I am a huge fan of the sinkers videos  and again I’m not disappointed  great video MR sinker

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        MORE OF THE BEST from the predator

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        Another great video Kermit, I enjoyed that!

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      Looks like a nice day. It’s now peak sailing season in Philippines so been busy. Off tomorrow for 9 day sail around Mindoro. No videos from me.

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      Well done on all the videos guys.  Another top quality production from all.

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      thank you MR GADGET  its always nice to hear that our videos are appreciated its folks like you that tell us that makes it worth while

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      Yes Mr Frog, another fine video from Toad Hall Productions.  Would have been a GMA winner again.

      I’ve repaired the HyperBipe biplane and am about to strengthen the struts that failed (so hopefully won’t fail again).

      Also ordered a new (220kv) motor for the Bix 2 but that will be a month getting here from down town China so in the meantime I’ll attempt to get the curvature out of the fuse so at least it flies straight next time.

      This week looks ok for a fly as well if anyone has preferences.

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      I’m easy, maybe Wednesday or Thursday?

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      At this stage either is OK for me so lets see what others think. Both look similar weather wise, 23 with light winds.

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      I am available Wednesday or Thursday as well 👍

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      I’m good for either day……….  ah  heck I’m good any day

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