RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 First Fly-In @ The Field for 2020 (6th January 2020)

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      It was a perfect day for flying @ The Field today for the start of 2020

      Moose was in attendance today & flew both his large (Ranger 2.4m) powered glider & his Tundra with very little trouble.

      Kermit had a couple of flights with the Steam Punk Flyer (2m Raptor) without issue but a problem with the auto pilot in the repaired Tundra kept that grounded for another week. Our resident eagle was out on the wing again but today he was too busy chasing his mate around the sky to pay us any more attention than a quick glance today.

      We finally got to the bottom of the FPV issue that has plagued the Bad Angel for a few weeks and once it was sorted he had a couple of decent flights with the Bix 3 FPV. No doubt he will add some great video a bit later.

      Uncle G also had several uneventful flights with his TrainStar & I think the Bix 3 as well. May be some video from him as well.

      Ricky had his Bix 3 and his large scale Beaver back to its former glory today after a hard landing due to faulty wiring a couple of weeks ago saw the nose snapped off and some wing damage to boot..

      No issues with the Bix & it looked like the Beaver flew well but Ricky thought there was still an issue or two. No doubt he will have it sorted before we fly again.

      I was testing out the recently acquired & refitted FMS brand semi scale MDM-1 FOX powered glider. It has a 2.3 metre wingspan and flies very well with just an A3 stabiliser fitted for the windy days. Today the stabiliser was used for take off & landing but was turned off for the majority of both flights.

      I need to check the ESC programming & activate the motor brake to park the prop when gliding & I’m still fiddling with the camera locations to see which suits best.  Will try a couple more set-ups next time we fly.

      Anyway the bottom line was that every plane flew and they all went home in one piece.

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      A very enjoyable day

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        Sure was a great day Ricky, and all the planes came home, that must almost be a first.

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        Looks good Pred

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      My take on our first 2020 fly-in:

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        Another quality production there Mr B.A.

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      Soooooo nice to relive the days exploits by video by the best of the best thank you ……. just a weeee tad of a problem today  was were was el presidente  our BBQ lacked the fire of our esteemed  leaders words of wisdom  as we eat our steak snags an humbungers  to his chomping on Lettice leaves an carrot   the day is not quite the same  so next fly in I shall bring grass not to eat but to smoke it  buggar being a vegetarian  Fantastic day with as usual superb bunch of girls

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      Nice video BA, but where’s the music?

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      Well uncle G it’s like this, deliberately left out so you can hum or sing along with the video so you get the music you love then everybody’s happy, see clever ah.. ps and you should do the same 😎🤗🤔😐😑🙄😉😊😀🙂🤗☺😂😁😍😃😅😗😑😶🙄🤑😲🙁😟😞😓😪🤐😝🙁😒😖😌😣🙃😕😴😏

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      I knew some thing was lacking in the video but couldn’t put my finger on it  for the sake of nice music this BA produced video could have been a Cesil de la mare  top notch academy award video OH WELL maybe a few more brilliant droughty point videos will inspire this under performing production company into the realm of music enlightenment  or perhaps a course in music appreciation from Tas adult education  would be useful ………or simply asking  droughty point production  for appropriate music there is no shame in asking for help …….just saying

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      Ketmit, I have a better idea, why don’t you run a music appreciation society session in conjunction with Top Gun Flight School lectures a wonderful idea I hear you say, geezzzzz I have the most wonderful ideas to raise the IQ level and intelligence along with gang skills of our wonderful club members don’t you think. I think our dear leader commander in chief would be proud of us in his absence…✈🛩🛫🛬🚀✈🛫🛩🛬🚁🚀🛩🛬🚁

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