RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 First Fly-In @ The Field for 2021

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      It was a good turn up for the morning after New Year’s Eve and an earlier 10:00am start as well.

      8 hardy souls fronted today, Kermit, Hoppy, Predator, Uncle G, Ian, Ron & Model Guy with a late arrival by Bad Angel.

      The day was a bit windier than the forecast predicted but everyone flew regardless.  Uncle G brought along his battery powered whipper snipper and quickly slashed an impromptu runway down the middle of the entry track. This made taking off much easier for the wheeled planes (well those that could steer straight anyway).

      We had our usual BBQ lunch around midday then some that were still suffering withdrawal symptoms got back into some more flying before an early pack up around 14:00

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      My bit..

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        I like the flight deck view and now you need to add some flight deck sound effects like whoop whoop pull up. And weren’t you going to bomb the next paddock?

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      Looks like a fun day sorry I could not be there.

      as usual great videos love the view from the instrument  panel real neat

      I have been given a 2 stroke generator and a old lawn mower the mower works ok the body not all that great  but it would mow our take off area ok

      Don’t know if the generator works but will check it out before acceptance

      The question is if they work do we want to add either one to our arsenal.

      Would some one let me know what to do

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        Po ten shin lee that kould have bin a good watch but that spu-pid spu-pid SPU-PID moozik got in the way but the Black Bitch re-petes looked rather funee..🙃

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          Dear Mr bad angel  one does not serve the one but the many thus the moooosic  is for ……..yea you got    I couldn’t resist the wing flip GLAD ya liked it  I aim to please ….narh I don’t   just sayin

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      DEAR MR MOOSE  I RECON WE COULD USE THE LAWN MOWER  for sure  ……just sayin

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      Magnificent videos and a great first day of the year 🙂

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