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      6 of us turned out for Kermits first fly of 2022. H picked a good day with a bit of wind but conditions were smooth not gusty. Only one video from my from my FPV’d Eagles Eyas. I chased some planes and a glider including Moose greasing in a great landing:

      Also we now have a naughty corner for reported infraction on this web site especially from some in the flying gang. This is at:



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      A special thanks to Kermit today!

      Not only did he predict the great weather, he filled in for the President, was official gate opener, greenkeeper, safety officer, cook, and chief photographer, and still found time to fly his planes and give us some lessons on how to fly.

      My video from today,

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        NICE HOPPY  AND UNCLE G  BECAUSE YOU HAVE BEEN SAYING NICE THINGS ABOUT ME OPPS CAPS may I say your video’s are  improving  and as such you can have a free lesson   from TGFS video section after your first payd lesson

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      Looks like everyone had an enjoyable day although perhaps not Sky Jumping Kermit, that final chute opening was a little too close to the ground for comfort.

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      YEP DEAR OL KERMIT was on his way down the drone was loosing altitude fast so we elected to dump him  Near the end of the day so miss piggy didnt jump the wind was a tad vicious at times to

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      What a pleasant day was had by all and our acting president was on his best behaviour hope he continues thru the year

      now I have to go and spend time running a critical eye over the videos in anticipation of awarding the G.M.A

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      after much consideration the winner of The G.M.A Is

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        Well done Kermit & well deserved.

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      Congratulations Kermit, well done!

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      yahhhhhhhh    the cost of video classes have just exploded  but to be fair predator wasnt there  Uncle g was flying most of the time and bad angel was missing so really it was mostly me filming  no contest  but  nice way to start the year anyway     ta moose

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      Here is a non frog video you will enjoy, being a Corsair fan:



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      Congratulation Mr Kermit. Another excellent production. 🙂

      Nice video Mr Moose. That almost deserves a GMA!

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      It sure does Ron  But no one will present it to me

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      When the MR MOOSE  presented his GMA  I said then that it was a  doozie  every one has to be  impressed musta taken yonks to put together so yeah RON if given the chance MR MOOSE  no doubt would give us all a chase for the GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD  AND ofcouse he would win every presented video because he and he alone decides who gets the gong……  not sayin he would do that……   just say’n

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      I will just just continue my brilliance and ask for no accolades

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        I would like to present something to you MR MOOSE  but then I would be in the naughty corner

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