RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2019 First look around "The Field"

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      Kermit & I went down to the RCToysTas new flying field “The Field” today after sailing to sort out access through the locked gate & have a bit of a look around.

      We both came away with the conclusion that EVERYONE will be more than happy with this new site, and we get access to the old buildings on site as well as part of the deal.

      We will most likely have the FlightLine starting in front of the dunny’s (to keep away from the buildings, cars & the neighbouring property) and from there it is over 300m to the first fence down the field and the field itself is over 200m wide with NO TREES to park in.

      Once again, like the previous site “The Farm” this is a locked & restricted site and we have been requested to keep the gate locked at all times so we will all need to arrive & enter at the same time then lock the gate behind us.

      Also due to some previous issues with unauthorised parties accessing the farm, the area is under surveillance by the neighbours who report any access to the owner. Because of this our access permission requires us to ring the owner each & every time we enter the property so that when he gets a call from the neighbours he knows it us in there flying.

      It really is a pretty minor ask for access to such a great site and we will be less than impressed if any of our members stuff this up.

      Weather permitting we will have our first Fly-In & FlightLine BBQ on either next Monday (30th Sept) or sometime Wednesday thru to Friday if we need to wait for the weather to improve.

      Unfortunately Tuesday is out due to previous commitments so I hope that is not the best flying day.

      Here are a few pics looking around “The Field” and a bit of poor quality (forgot to focus the camera again) video from the Mavic Pro Platinum just to whet your appetites.

      Hopefully Kermit will add some more better quality pics as I only had the phone camera.

      Constructive comments invited.

      The shed is a bit of a mess at present inside but Kermit has volunteered to bring his generator & vacuum cleaner so if we all pitch in it shouldn’t take too much to clean it up.









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      LOOK AT THAT  how on earth can my photos  add to that  so a word or two …… brilliant flying field   Wind was from the west  white caps on the water  but no wind at the” field ”  fantastic  …..flat ground …… our flying needs never go outside the fence line  its just so bloody big  this is a pilots heaven   the only problem that i can see an i hesitate to say it but if we can keep predator from the woman’s toilet all should be fine

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      Well done gents, looks like a great place to lean how to fly!

      All I need now is a few more lessons from Kermit.

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      Will be spot on, I’ll make the call for flying either Wednesday or Thursday so get all batteries charged as the WX is looking quite good on these days. Will be nice to get back in the air and for me a great FPV field.

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