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      AN EXCELLENT DAY at first, the rougher and a tad bit more that greeted the five usual mob at the canal where men with out wheelchairs sail. Our day was with humour and that was directed at the modellers group that started to putt putt  for a while then on mass disappeared.  It was rumoured that a new wheel chair shop had opened at Lauderdale  so they all rushed off  with their pension discount card in hand for a new one  BUT FOR the real sailors we just sailed till we sucked the tide out an then to our infamous  BBQ where the truth is always told ……...bull shytt     and the winner is……………once again Mr moose   with tales of his youth  some 100 years ago. Hard to believe he’s not with  the modellers group  in a wheel chair ay   sailing and complementary remarks to each other  on our sailing awareness  we decided to go to the other end of the canal and pay our respects to the modellers  group for the new year but ohhhhh  all gone   11 oclock  dear dear  me



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      In all fairness to the Marine Modellers group there were still 2 on the water but I believe a few of the others suffered a few mechanical failures today.

      I guess the change from 2019 to 2020 was just too much for their finely tuned scale models.

      Anyway we had fun as always, here is a bit of video from onboard Rescue 17.

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        That’s it pred give it to em  …. finely tuned putt putts ………. not at all like our finely tuned speed machines ay AN LOOK NO MOTOR

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      Here’s the view from the “wheelchair” group down the other end.

      We had eight boats on the water today which is a lot more than I could see near the jetty.

      If you got out of bed at a reasonable time Kermit you would have seen the fleet in action.

      I kept taking the camera boat up to the jetty but there was no one there?

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      YES WELL before we do our thing we like to do the aussie thing  an have a yarn  ……..were retired no need to rush out an be seen  that’s not us dear boy    whilst we talked a wheel chair vehicle stopped an started to off load a fella  until we told him that his mob was at the other end of the canal     nice bit of video cobber an where’s my submarine  …. see you flying cheers





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