RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 First Winter Fly-In for 2021

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      Our resident weather Guru (the furry one – Mr Moose Esq) was pretty much on the money again today for our first Mid Week Fly-In for the start of Winter.  There was a small amount of breeze about when we arrived at 10:00am but nothing to worry about & as predicted it faded to nothing at all over the BBQ lunch break.

      There were seven avid aviators in attendance today but we were missing Kermit, Ian, Bad Angel & Dave today as they all had more pressing engagements.

      No real incidents today other than Moose having an issue with his Razor (auto launch system) which hopefully Uncle G will be able to sort out for him.

      Andrew had his big unpowered glider & his powered winch launch system in action today along with his usual powered gliders. Unfortunately no thermal activity today, even Ralph the eagle was absent today but we did get a visit from a pelican, and he was doing a great job of making like a glider .

      Tested the Dolly Trolly on the 3m Fox glider, worked fine today (I think Uncle G got some footage). I’ll reduce the wing post height & double their width before next test just so there is less loading on the wing leading edge during takeoff.

      Also did some more experimenting with the iNav system on the BumbleBee, added Airbrakes this week & they seem to assist in landing. Even managed to get my Mavic Pro Platinum out of mothballs for a few laps around the field while experimenting with the new PolarPro camera filters.

      Scott has been dipping into his wallet again & had a couple of nice new planes up and about today during his brief visit to the field.

      Stephen, Moose & Hoppy were flying their usual toys today but I don’t think there is much video to show for it.

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      Around the field,


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      Good to see the dolly was working as expected  soon it will be copied all over the world   as for DAVE’s non appearance after the last training session with TGFS  he now appreciates the finer art of training and has forsaken the other CFI and gone with the best.  His non appearance today was because of the  mandatory booze brake required during flying sessions . After we find him his lessons once again  will commence part 2 GROUND ROLL   UNCLE GS video is not working at the moment  so on his effort  we all wait  ……the boy does try and is most of the time very trying  but he is a graduate of TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL  and is an outstanding aviator  because of it.(now working .).. always nice to hear that the fur coat did make the effort to get into the air (not a graduate of TGFS ) with some success his automatic launch is  RAISED ARM AND THROW unfortunately  if he’s had a tiddle of the turps the arm forgets to throw and remains near the mouth  thus the aircraft is in the swallow mode  ( often happens with fur coats )    looking forward to the next fly day

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      just looked at predators eagle video and   there is an obvious problem with the rear camera  view  so I offer my expert advice on problems like this ( no charge  )  the camera s picking up a vibrating stick causing the view to be distorted  could be from a outlanding or just lack of maintenance    HAPPY TO HELP …..just say’n

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        Rear camera, rear camera, it was the only damn camera.

        So nah, special camera effect, simulates vibration caused by supersonic speed.

        Don’t Frogs know nuthin!!

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          In reply to predators  explanation…. now I can accept the special effects  version but an its a big but when you try to lay on us super sonic speed   I really have to go back to my theory of a stick  vibrating an I understand being criticised for lack of maintenance  might upset some people  but SUPERSONIC SPEED  ….. really?   WE  at top gun flight school study aeronautical engineering  as a first step to flying  so frogs can fly an know a lot an that is why DAVE is now a student of TGFS …………………just say’n

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          Out of the mouths of babies & frogs (or so it seems), waffle (just being polite)


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      so your implying that the moose is a fur coat stud  ……that right ?

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      Like my great friend Uncle G I remain very quiet on this subject’

      Kermit you are still full of it

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      I GUESS WE WILL LET IT DIE THERE THEN                                                                                                                    still a stick

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      for those that saw the  eyas  remains  an thought bye bye  its halleluiah time shesssss back

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