RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 FLASH NEWS FLASH ..WOOO WOO

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      HAS ANY ONE LOST A PUTT PUTT or two  TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL has in its possession two aircraft it willing to part with  if you can supply written ownership papers along with your grandfathers written note saying that said aircraft is yours  or OR  a private conversation takes place as to ownership and hand over

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      what a true gentleman  and dear friend you are

      To all those that criticise you I say stop the hurt you are imposing on my dear friend Kermit

      The Moose has known the frog longer than the rest of you and in all that time I have found him to be the perfect gentleman.

      I know you are against  bribes and corruption Kermit But!!!!!

      As Owner of the G.M.A award I can see the award going in a certain direction

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      Gee that was nice but the winner of the GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD  should win on merit  not favours or graft as some in the past have done  like an uncle or a bouncing   (hoppy )thing or a sci fi critter that has now Circum to the favours for GMA  Noooo I shall stay pure an green

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      That’s amazing!  How did you mansge that!!!     I did lookat the forum but must have missed that vital news! Thank you my Kermit; I may have something to fly tomorrow after all! Does it seem airworthy?

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      It still may happen

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      MR PRESIDENT  yep its intact one wheel is a tatal so I replaced it with ones I have a tad smaller but she will fly

      Mr moose the tail section wasnt on the plane I had to hunt for that the clip holding the flaps is broken  but I will bring two types for you to try should be able to fly as well

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      this weeks winner is

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      Kermit, from Sinner to Saint in one day, it’s a bloomin miracle. (or is it just an act to throw everyone off ?)

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      Thats close enough  I will take that     I WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE TREES  for this honour without them this may never have happened  MAY WE FLY IN THAT AREA AGAIN  so i can get another gong

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      ohhh  I  like the motif  pred  thats cool reflects the godliness of me ………….dont ya tink ..        just say’n

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        Credit where Credit is due !!

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      YES WELL ITS STARTING TO GROW ON ME  …. next tucka time we shall all form a daisy chain an do the frog dance  havent heard from UNCLE G   no hero worship from that quarter as yet ………….just say’n

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      I think he maybe in church

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      Heres the thing  OUR BELOVED LEADERS AIRCRAFT was still attached to the tree but half way up  so I got me rope tied it to my feet and comenced to shimmer up the wicked tall ant ridden tree as the plane was out on an outer limb  my frog instincts    kicked in an out shot me tongue  knocking the putt putt to the ground     As for MR MOOSES  I HAD TO FIGHT sally  the sheep for it   by god did she  squirm an shuffle but in the end both were satisfied  sally the sheep an MR MOOSE ………. PS love valcro    true story

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        So what you are saying that the wind blew them down and you picked them up off the ground.

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      arhhhhh so UNCLE G  is here  how was church ?

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      You are both Green and Wonderful!

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