RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2019 Flight Line Gang AGM & Christmas Bash

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      Well did we have a good time, reckon so with good company good food with plenty of it and the Green thing getting up to his usual tricks.  Roll on next AGM, oh yeah Our dear leader was unanimously voted back into office this time for life…. Oh hail the dear leader ‘Kim Jong Ian’ by the way there was no  challenge  from La Froggo he chickened out due to the fact that he just might disappear down the track never to be seen again in the democratic republic of the ‘Field’

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      Last night was the biennial AGM (or should that be BGM) for the Flight-line crew, well actually just an excuse for a pre Christmas party.

      It was held at the abode of the Bad Angel (Ross) and his lovely wife Inger. Apart from a couple of regular flyers that unfortunately could not make it the rest of the crew (and partners) all turned up to a great night of frivolity. BA fired up his rather large woodfired Pizza oven and treated everyone to all manner of fare while Bro (John) did the honours on the BBQ cooking up a storm with everything the members had brought along.

      The great food was washed down with copious amounts of various liquids (we’ll leave that there) and then followed up with sumptuous deserts of many styles that the dear ladies had brought along. I’m sure BA will post a video (he had the camera working overtime) once he gets the editing sorted.

      Around 11:00pm we had the customary Fly-In with the quads and although I don’t think we broke the 2017 record we did have multiple quads in the air. Just as well they were well lit up as the night was pitch black AND blowing a gale. It’s amazing just what those DJI Phantom’s & Mavic’s can handle. Doubt if there was much useful video obtained, it was suggested that we may need an Infrared camera next time but I think perhaps we should just fly a tad earlier at least while there is still some twilight about.

      Kermit (who everyone knows loves to play Dress-up) made an appearance as Santa (not sure how much of that will make it into the video though) and set about charming all the ladies (and a few gents).

      Kermit also supplied some artwork (just another of his talents) to brighten the evening. I’m sure it will end up adorning the wall of our Humpy @ the flying field.

      I guess I better have a look at my quad video and see if any of it is useful but like I said earlier I’m sure the Bad Angel will supply a suitably edited video of the evening for everyone’s entertainment.

      Footnote, no video worth publishing from the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum, they work well in low light but not well in NO light!!

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