RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Fly-In @ “The Field” 14th February 2020

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      Now that the winds are finally abating we are getting a few more flying days in than before.

      For the second time this week a few of the intrepid members made it down to the field for a Fly-In & BBQ.

      We only had four avid aviators @ The Field today as all the rest were either on sick-leave or otherwise engaged.

      Once again Ricky was first into the air, giving his “Limbo Dancer” a good workout after installing a larger prop.

      I was close behind, eager to try out the Fox glider with a new ESC that I hoped had fixed the Prop Brake issue plaguing the Turnigy Plush32 ESC. It has & today the Fox was carrying front & rear facing cameras, & she was performing flawlessly.

      Gerald had several flights with his Bixler 3 but still wasn’t game to try out his new FPV wing (and a nice looking bit of kit it is too).

      Kermit was still not having any luck getting his Tundra flying properly & after a couple of fruitless attempts I managed to plant it for him so that finished that for the day. He did however manage several successful flights with his old (ex Ian) Steam Punk Flyer. I think you should stick to this one Kermit till you master it as it is a much easier plane to fly, (even though it is all bits & pieces) and far easier to land. As they say practice makes perfect (eventually).

      Kermit also attempted a tandem parachute jump today, from his Phantom 3 quad, with Kermit (the stuffed frog) & Miss Piggy, unfortunately I think Miss Piggy was the straw pig that broke the camels phantoms back and the poor think could not get airborne.  Kermit however, did manage a couple of single jumps, unfortunately during the last he met with a rather large tree (see the video).

      Kermit (as acting 2IC) organised a (very short)  moment  of silence in support of our good flying buddy Moose who could not be there today due to a medical condition. We are all hoping you get well soon & come back to join the ranks (and keep the rabble under control).

      Some video from today, once again I had to double as videographer (shared with the ever capable Kermit) as our regular camera man, the Bad Angel himself was away on granddad duties.

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      IN this video we show respect we have for our fallen comrade  the Mr moose whos hoof is damaged rendering him unusable for any worth while adventure  Also our dearly beloved President whose position I held  for the day and thanks to his generosity we all had Kentucky fried chicken for lunch ,  also NOT in attendance was our own BAD ANGEL for the second time this week was AWOL    but as a semi respected flyer his absence wasn’t noticed  Two others who have not reported in    also missed the finger licking chicken provided by our President   so gentlemen that’s what happens when the 2ic is in control  MOVING ON   The vicious eagle was back today after Kermit the parachutist skilfully manoeuvred his canopy into the trees in an attempt to evade that dastardly black devil  he was still there when I was in the air forcing me  to land before time,  the other pilots flew low to avoid the devil and so had longer time in the air  The Newbie Ricky was as usual superb flipping rolling climbing spinning  he was a pleasure to watch now if he could have done some flying today instead of watching others  he might have had some fun to . the real highlight came from the TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL   X Student UNCLE G whos display of raw aggressive flying earns him THE top gun AWARD today but lets not forget Mr PREDATOR  he was the only one to day to give the BLACK DEATH  a run for his money , he out circled that monster till it gave in and departed our space   Truly a magic sight seeing that beast with his tail between his talons high tailing it out of there  and that you unlucky readers concludes our adventures for this day  bet you are wishing you were there ay

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      Another top day at the field,

      Here’s my view from the Bixler, nothing exciting like the frog in the trees.

      Music just for BA

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      I had to repost the first video as there was an issue with the Youtube upload and it wouldn’t embed in the post (only showed link). Experience has shown that the only way to fix it when this happens is delete the file from Youtube and then upload it again.

      Should be OK now.

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        Yeah nuh didn’t give a bugger ‘muted’ 😎

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        Muted’ but thank you for your kind thoughts

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      Excellent videos gentlemen  my complements UNCLE G  the music was perfect even BA would agree

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      Well what can I say, oh yeah stick ya music up ya bixlers jackie 😎

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      Found another video from yesterday !!

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      QUESTION     who’s Jackie an  who gave BA a kind thought

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