RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Fly-In @ “The Field” 16th March 2020

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      It was another good fly-in @ the field today.

      Very short notice due to the ever changing weather but we had Gerald, Chris, Ian and yours truly on site and we all got some good flying time.

      Completely windless when we started so I had a nice long flight with the Mavic Pro Platinum quad on a trip around the farm on which our flying field is situated.


      Also had good flights with the Avios Grand Tundra & the Bix II Sport including some great thermalling for around 25 minutes with the Bix II Sport (motor off & full flaps).


      Uncle G had the TrainStar & the Bix III airborne along with his Mavic Pro, (on a search & rescue mission for yet another of Ian’s C17 bombers. I think he must have bought them by the crate.  Anyway this one was recovered and in fact it flew quite well considering the wind that was up when Ian arrived.

      Hoppy flew his Skipper & the Drifter and has started to terrorise the local trees with his close quarters FPV flying.

      First with his Skipper amphibious DeltaWing


      and then with his little Drifter


      Ian arrived a bit late (having missed the flight notice on the website) but still managed quite a few flights with his Giant C17 bomber and today only had one major flyaway but managed to at least get the plane back to terra firma, just a long walk.

      Around the field video


      Thermalling in the Bix II Sport


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      Another good day at the field!


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      I just love drone footage  smooth always interesting an this one did not disappoint great stuff UNCLE G  an then there’s predators epic  very difficult to keep the aircraft in frame but there ya go  perfect…..  BA is gunna be one helluva jealous fella looking at this footage predator nailed it …….great  THANKS FELLAS

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        Kermit, I have added the footage from my Mavic Pro, its a bit long but does give a good look around the field & its environs.

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      Great video Mike and yes I might have to agree with you about Ian having a crate full of the C17’s i wonder if sells them or are they a disposable item

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      Good stuff

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      All the videos from Monday are now posted & available.

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      just watched the new videos   top notch ……again ta

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      Sorry I missed the day,but after enjoying a fantastic week on the west coast I have caught a bug.So i,ll have to lay low for a while.Enjoyed the vids

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