RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Fly-In @ “The Field” 18th February 2020

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      Another fine day of flying @ The Field today.

      We had 5 pilots with Ross, Mike, Gerald, Ian & Stephen all taking to the air with various flying machines.

      With Ross (Bad Angel), our resident videographer back on deck today we should be treated to some entertaining video from today.

      Ian has his C17 back in the air today (must have finally returned from its mission to Iraq last week) & this time after several flights it was still in his possession.

      Ian also had a couple of relatively uneventful FPV flights with his Bixler 3, and gave his Phantom 4 Quad a run as well.

      Stephen arrived late (car sharing issues) but at least he finally has the Red Beast (plane) sorted out and today she flew many a flight without issue. Must be nice to go home with it in one piece rather than a bucket eh Stephen.

      Gerald finally got around to test flying his new FPV wing & after a couple of teething issues it went rather well, just a pity the onboard video recorder was malfunctioning.

      Ross was up and about with his Bix 3 but I think it was all Line of Sight today rather than FPV (but no doubt his video will prove me wrong).


      I had my largest plane in the fleet, the 2.6m ASW-28 “Gooney Bird” out for a run today. I was flying in part FPV but didn’t want to go too high or too far as its the first time she has been in the air for over 12 months & during that time she had an extensive refit with most of the heavier timber reinforcing removed from the fuselage & replaced with 3D printed parts. The Large foam wheel well has also been replaced with a 3D printed part to make a lot more room inside.

      I must say she flew well but unfortunately there was not much thermal activity today so most of the flight was under power. At least I got some video from her WingCam which is just as well as I forgot to save the FPV feed footage before disconnecting the recorder battery, not only on the Quanum headset but also on the Ground Station. I must be getting old.



      The Bix 2 Sport also went up for a rather long flight (with camera attached) so hopefully there will be some useful footage there as well.


      We were joined today by our newest RCToys member Ron who came down to check out what the old bunch of retrogrades get up to. He didn’t have a plane today but I’m sure that will change by the next Fly-In (as long as he’s not back at work).



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      That flight controller setup is very neat!

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        Thanks Gerald, took a fair bit of stuffing around to get it right as it has to fit around the wing spar and still stay clear of the wing retaining clips that push in from each side.

        At least the Gooney now balances much better and there is plentu of room to adjust the battery position to alter the CoG if necessary.

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      Excellent day  for sailing  light fickle breeze  over a duck in festered pond  ooopss  wrong site      sorry about that   NICE  film predator  a top day it seems for the flight line group  always a pleasure to fly without that big black evil eagle circling above   Great to see the red flyer  back doing what it was made for ay loved the side shot of the canopy and instrument panel  makes a movie more interesting    WELL DONE

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        Actually there were two Sky High raiders there today, your big black mate & what we think was a Sea Eagle, about twice the size of your mate. They were putting us all to shame with their surfing of the thermals that we could not get up to.

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      My take on our day @ ‘The Field’

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      Well Well        you miss a flight day an we get a take over by a burka covered president   has our Ian been taken over by a foreign nation and is taken over the  flight line for covert operations  I wonder  stay tuned ……..Now could be the time for a new president  before its to late  what’s next prayer meetings before flights  Throwing rocks at non flyers  blowing up wind socks ………..  just sayin     2ic Kermit la frog

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        Yeah I hate having to agree with the little green frog legged thingy but yes our dear leader and President and Commander in Chief for and after life is getting to be a bit of a worry, I really didn’t take much notice of him when he spread his mat on the ground and I just thought he was doing push up’s but now I’m not entirely convinced that it was push up’s, oh dear !

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      I had also better add here even if it’s a tad late that there were in fact five flyers in attendance and one newbie and not four as reported as fake news in that Bad Angel video… What a jerk getting something that simple wrong..

      Also I heard a vicious rumour that the FLG news crew that covered the return of the C17 from that massively secret mission in Iraq forgot to push the  record button at the actual return ceremony but my sources also informed me that there were the toppest of top secret agents in attendance from MI 8.3 who must remain anonymous at all costs and any disclosure of their identity would be catastrophic to our nations security and they in fact had directed the news crew to not video or suffer the consequences and it looks like they complied,  sooks.  Ps I can tell you from being there and witnessing this wonderful arrival the ceremony was a credit to the welcoming assembled crowd of VIP’s and I was proud to be and Australian to witness this wonderful event it really brought a tear to the eyes of all assembled.

      And thrill seekers that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…

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      Well what a turn up for the books  the presidents former strong man doing a back flip on his beloved leader  did my write up hit a sensitive nerve and allowed the fog to lift for now at the field there were in fact five people there an one possible Islamic fanatic ?  could there be more the BA isn’t confessing to   I am and forever will be disappointed at not being there for the arrival of the c17  cargo lifter   and witnessing the true colours of our probable Islamic elected leader  don’t get me wrong here I’m not throwing hail Marys at him on the contrary I think its brave of our leader to come out of the closet  opps  mat   ………. IAM READY AS A NON BELEIVER IN ANY FAITH TO ACCEPT  a move to a free flight line and a free president  VOTE 1 KERMIT LA FROG  next president

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      Thanks Pred for the news that there is another black buggar up there “could it be a reincarnation of the first eagle I killed  ”  has our leader conjured up with his new religion  the ghost of the dead eagle  will I ever be able to fly again ……………..

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