RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Fly-In @ “The Field” 18th June 2020

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      It was another rather brisk morning when we arrived @ The Field around 11:00am, the frost had cleared but the ground was still damp & with a temp around 6 deg and a lazy breeze it wasn’t all that pleasant.

      As the day wore on the sun made an occasional appearance from behind the clouds (or was it fog) and by the time we broke for the customary lunch time BBQ the wind had all but died out.

      There was a good turn up of 10 pilots today, Stephen, Moose, Gerald, Kermit, Ross, Chris, Ron, Neil, Ian, Mike @& everyone got at least some flying time in.

      This is the onboard footage from “Foxy Chic” flying in mainly calm conditions after lunch.

      Around The Field video

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      Here is my XK X450 VTOL footage:

      Here is the A10 footage:


      Here is the Esky Eagles footage:





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        I see you have sorted out embedding videos, well done.

        Another nice set of videos. The Esky Eagle is quite stable for a small wingspan. Makes a nice FPV platform.


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          That was a neat bit of editing from a loop to the field nicely done Predator…. I could see our paddock on the Ralphs bay dorans Rd bit of film looked cool

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          Nice video Hoppy

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        Nice… Ten pilots you left out Uncle G

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          Never, you must have misread it.!!

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        Perfect predator sir the ol fur coat had a ball an he’s still got the touch nice bit of flying robbos buddy system made me remember my first flight lesson with you…. memories fade but video’s remain

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      yes it was a bit on the cool side but we braved the elements just to have a fly.

      Hey Hoppy what are trying to do take over all the video tasks and what a good job you are doing.

      Watch out Bad Angle you could loose your job .

      And kermit what are you trying to do naming your flying machine similar to the Bad Angle ( stirrer )

      I was watching Bad Angle flying his black thing and I noticed lumps of hot glue and lumps of black paint flying coming off it every where but it kept flying.


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        DEAR MR MOOSE Have you heard that copying is the highest form of flattery …I admire Mr bad angel not for his attempts to get on our presidents good book nor his shabby falling apart putt putt but for his stead fast denial  of music for video in the face of over whelming majority in favor of it  such stubbornness is worthy of admiration  plus my decision to name my aircraft BLACK ANGEL is to honour our most loyal serpent  servant to our president  I hope this information settles your fur  Regards kermit la frog

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      Thanks BA, I know I’m quite and don’t cause any trouble, but I was there!

      Here is my video from the repaired Runcam 5 Orange on the “original” black plane.

      Sorry no music BA

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        Very nice Gerald, nice & stable for a wing. It does land heavy though doesn’t it.

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          Nice video Unka G

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          Thanks gents, As for the landings I will have to book back into the “Top Gun Flight School” for a refresher.

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          Oh christ…

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          NO uncle g every one has a bad day this could have been yours  ” you have the gift “

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          easy to watch nice an slow good one UNCLE G

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      My stuff from today…

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      WELL that was a good watch had every thing …….except music  thanks BA

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        Kermit your comments are music to my ears, was a pleasure to watch Unka G’s video today no music very enjoyable

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      Good video from the gang today

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      My poor little A10 Warthog with its tiny canon and a tad of depleted uranium ordinance was unfairly targeted in BAs video.

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        Ha ha yeah did feel a little sorry for the Hog…. Yeah Nuh didn’t really 😎

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