RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Fly-In @ “The Field” 1st March 2020

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      Just a quiet little Fly-In today for March 1st.

      We had 7 in attendance today but were missing Ricky as he was out chasing Tuna.

      Unfortunately the day was marred with Ross “Bad Angel” trashing his Bush Mule and Ian having another fly away with his B17.

      Other than that a fairly uneventful day.

      I test flew the FoxBat ultralight, still needs a bit more work but at least it did fly several circuits of the field today. Unfortunately Kermit was having trouble with my new video camera so I’m not sure if we got any footage.

      RonC & his friend Neil were doing some further testing with Ron’s FPV Antenna tracker, (now be working fine) and Neil’s home brew Quad.

      There was a light to moderate wind for a while mid morning but everyone managed several flights before the BBQ lunch.

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      Yeah I’m sitting here sipping on a red while I combobulate the task ahead in the hanger trying to repair the Mule (stupid thing) or I may just hang it as a very broken trophy to remind me of what it used be and as I have another sip of the red I say stuff it, then after another snip of he wed I shay stufpid fing then I haf anotter snip of wreddd look at sh#t agen den haf anutter ship of wred den axedentley shit down on it..hic.?allover nowwwwww..hic

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      It had to happen sometime:

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