RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2019 Fly-In @ The Field 20th November 2019

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      We finally got a decent fly-in day @ The Field today, pleasant 21deg and light to moderate winds early dropping off to virtually nothing around midday.

      Moose was missing from the line-up of regulars today due to him having his Bro visiting from interstate but we were joined by Ricky, making his first appearance at the new flying venue. Ricky is a long time flyer and even though he tells us that its been a long time between flights he had no trouble throwing his pristine Bixler 3 around the sky and even found time to give us a demo with one of his smaller sport helicopters. I sure hope Ross got some video of it all.

      We also had Gerald (with two new planes which both flew well, Ross with his Bix 3, Ian with his Phantom Quad, X-Vert VTOL & Bix 3 and Kermit with his Tundra, which suffered some not insubstantial damage after hitting a side draft during landing on his third flight for the day.

      His Phantom Quad flight was aborted as it is still suffering overload issues. Not surprising with the payloads he tries to lift at times.

      I had the Bix 2 Predator Sport and my X-Vert VTOL  still going strong and managed a maiden flight with the SkyClimber Custom “Prowler”. The Prowler flew well with only a slight pull to the right that needs trimming out and an horrendous vibration in the motor dept once you exceed about 50% power.

      I flew on low power for around 10 minutes and was very happy but it will be interesting to see what I’ve assembled wrong to create the vibration.

      During our lunch break Ian suffered a medical issue that necessitated an ambulance being called & a trip to hospital. Ian tells us that its only a minor problem soon to be resolved. We all wish you the best Ian & I’m sure you will be back at the field next Fly-In.



      Well it didn’t take a lot of work to find the source of the vibration. The plastic nose cone that holds the motor had collapsed around the motor bolt holes allowing the motor to drop back into the fuselage and vibrate on the body. No damage luckily other than the nose cone itself (which I can 3D print a replacement). I’m guessing there were hairline cracks (that aircraft seem notorious for) around the bolt holes that ultimately led to failure when full power was applied. Just as well no more than 1/2 throttle was used in the maiden flight or I reckon the whole motor would have come out through the nose.

      Should be able to have the Prowler back in the air in a day or two.


      Todays Videos


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      Nice stuff there Mike, I should have a video Friday evening been a tad busy with other video stuff but that one is now in the can so will get onto the Field stuff hopefully done and dusted Friday sometime… Was good to get a note from the Pres, and he’s ok thank goodness otherwise the green thing might have staged a coup d’e’tat…phew !!!!!!!

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      I got the repairs done to the Prowler today, epoxied the original nose cone/motor mount back together then fitted & epoxied a 1.5mm styrene sheet to the inside & outside of engine mounting area & bolted it all together till the epoxy set. I’ll let it cure fully overnight before cleaning it up and refitting the motor. Hopefully there will now be no vibration.


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      GENTLEMEN AND  bad angel   I have repaired the tundra and am in the process of removing all the decals to replace them with newies   I have heated with water the cabin sides as they were somewhat squeezed a tad   and I have ordered a skysurfer  from dagwood   dinggood  thingigood  something with good in it  as I intend to get more proficient at this flying thing before I fly the pride of the field once again  so there  KERMIT LA FROG 2IC FLIGHT LINE

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        Like they say Kermit, practice makes perfect.

        I’m sure the mighty Tundra will go back together again with a bit of glue & patience.

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      Here’s my bit for fly-day

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      Another quality bit of video there BA, well worth the wait.

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      YEP  MIGHTY GOOD  THIS PARTICULAR  VIDEO UNLIKE THE PRODUCER  has a touch of class you can hardly notice the coup session  sorry cut sections   plenty of action in the air and on the ground … political activities were coup out damn cut out  just as well as showing grown men crying  over the dastardly deed wouldn’t be to good for our image……..its done now  as is the video  well done

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      Ok now for something stupid…

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