RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2019 Fly-In @ The Field 23rd October 2019

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      ‘Twas another fine day down @ The Field, well at least early in the morning before the sea breeze came in.

      I was hoping to fly the “Gooney Bird” today but eventually ran out of calm air by the time we tried the X-Vert & set up and tested Moose’s brand new Ranger 2400. After a bit of an early failure with the COG too far forward (it failed to leave the ground), the nose counterweight was removed & the 6000mAh 3S battery relocated and away she went. Next time I think Moose will remove the undercarriage and rely on just the single Belly Wheel. I thought the Ranger 2400 flew really well (albeit still a bit nose heavy) and apart from a slightly bumpy landing at the end Moose maidened his new Big Wing glider with no issues at all.

      The “Gooney Bird” in all her glory, just a pity she stayed grounded today

      Ground Station for recording the X-Vert FPV feed

      We had 6 pilots today: Moose, Ross, Kermit, Mike, Gerald & Stephen and everyone managed at least one or two flights during the day, apart from the X-Vert everything else went home in one piece so definitely a good day.

      Be sure to check out Ross’s video for a lot more action from the field.

      Here is a quick video from the FPV feed of my X-Vert VTOL aircraft. I flew well till I tried bouncing if off the HARD in a less than perfect landing.

      Oh well nothing a bit of Hot Glue wont fix.  It got pretty knocked up in transit when I purchased it so I have a new fuselage on order. The latest patch up will at least keep it flying till the new body arrives.

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      Well another interesting day at Sandford Flying field as you will see”

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        Another fine quality production there BA. It’s a pity you missed some (all) of the funnies but there is always next week.

        The Bush Mule sure sounds sweet with the Twin Motors, worth buying a twin engined anything just for the sweet sound!!

        Nice bit of censoring on the “George” clip, after all we can’t have the pollies having all the fun with their “Black Texta’s” eh!!

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      I like the way the Moose has his fly-catcher open when flying…wonder how many flies for lunch today Moose ??

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        It was another fine fly-day to say the least…. Ha ha on the George Pell impersonation, I was going to have a quick oops flash moment but then thought we gotta keep something for the Christmas party video…. Yes I’m loosing my touch collecting funnies these days… I blame the Moose distracting me…his fault entirely…

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      Another brilliant bit of video from you both an I agree the Mooose  is a distraction ” just a thought for the next fly in”   how about we put the nooooose in the club house while were flying so were all not distracted  I know of no other person who has that affect on innocent people   If he isn’t running innocent frogs over then he’s distracting others from their on field duties   when i’m elected president I shall take care of  these sorts of problem  individuals

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      Yeah Mr VP lets just do that and lock the bugger away so he can’t interfere/torment/disrupt/and catch our flies with that big open fly trap of a gob….. 😎🤔😌🤓😱😇💀😷😬☠

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      Well with a little bit of patience & some contact adhesive the X-Vert VTOL aircraft is ready once again to take to the skies.

      I haven’t decided whether to refit the FPV camera or not at this stage, might make sure she is flying OK first

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        I wonder if we can ever be truly sure these beasties are flying OK?

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          Oh, it was flying fine Ian, problem was purely operator error.

          I selected Agility mode rather than Vertical mode but was too close to the ground when I realised what I did.

          I will disable Agility mode till I get used to how it flies & that should resolve the problem.

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      But did you fix the mode switch?

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        That’s next on the list of things to do.

        Just need to change it from Crash Land to Vertical Land.

        I had it in the other mode for the Bad Angel to get his Funny of the Day AND HE MISSED IT.

        No second chances though (hopefully)

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        Mode switch fixed, Acro now disabled

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      I can wait I really do feel a funny opportunity around the corner with this patched up beast it has video me video me video me all written over it..

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