RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Fly-In @ “The Field” 27th June 2020

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      Another great day to be alive & out of lockdown and flying @ the field Sandford.

      It was a little wet underfoot in some places but generally the sun was shining (even if through the cloud cover) and the breeze was light to very light most of the time, if a little lazy & coolish.

      There was a good turn up with 8 pilots & two visitors, Neil had his son Connor along for a look see & RonB dropped in for lunch after sailing down @ the canal with “the Admiral” Colin in the morning. The Bad Angel Ross piked out today at the last minute but we all battled on regardless even without his guiding hand.

      Kermit got his Tundra back in the air with a new stabiliser fitted & Moose had several successful flights with his Tundra after we altered the programming to make it a bit more docile.

      After a less than functional run of late with the Skydiving Miss Piggy, the frog finally managed a perfect drop from his Phantom 3. Miss Piggy floated down to earth most gracefully and finally touched down like the featherweight that she is.

      Gerald had a new mini plane (ZOHD Drift I think) to try out & Chris could not get his smoke generators working on his ESky Eagles so opted with flying with streamers attached to the wing tips instead. Just hope the video comes out OK as it looked pretty impressive through the viewfinder.

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      great video Mike not a bad place to fly’

      Great weather as well not much wind

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      Here is my Drift maiden footage.

      Here is my Eagles with the ribbons


      Here is my VTOL crash



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      All my videos are now posted.

      Just waiting for any contributions from Uncle G & Kermit.

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        Sorry, no video’s from me.

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      field flying

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        OH NO…….. No video from UNCLE G how did this happen  I personally stayed awake most of the night waiting for YOUR contribution  which is always top of the line and with MUSIC   now that I am producing video don’t feel afraid of loosing your viewers  (all four of em ) UNCLE G

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      MY OATH heaps of videos all   with excellent content  I’m still struggling with edits but at least its something from the frog MISSED THE OL BAD ANGEL today but I was right along side our president all day JUST TO EASE BA’s mind  such a nice president

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        Just like flying Kermie, practice makes perfect better

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      Looks like another nice fly day family business got in the way today

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