RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2019 Fly-In @ The Field 29th November 2019

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      Today Friday 29th November 2019 was another windy day @ The Field but as everyone is now getting used to flying in the wind it didn’t keep anyone on the ground.

      We had six intrepid pilots today – Ross (Bad Angel), Gerald (Uncle G), Kermit (he’s just Kermit), Ricky, Mike (Predator) & John (Bro). Everyone had a fly, some were more successful than others.

      Ricky was the first to come to grief with a less than perfect landing in his Beaver that did some minor damage to the engine cowling mount. Kermit was next with an ungracious landing (nose first) with his Radian glider. I think everyone else got away unscathed.

      I had another flight with the new Prowler and she performed flawlessly today after repairing the failed engine mount from last week.

      I also flew Ian’s rebuilt 2m Raptor and whilst it still needs further work it flew well .


      Gerald had a couple of flights with his Bix 3 but left his other planes grounded today.

      Bro came along today, first time for months & had a nice uneventful flight with his Bix 3, even tried out some 3D manoeuvres, which was quite game given the gusty conditions today.


      Ross flew this Bix 3 & had the Phantom 3 Quad airborne for a time without mishaps.

      Here is a video from onboard my SkyClimber Custom “Prowler”

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      My video of our day @’The Field’

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      Looks like a great day was had by all very annoyed I could not make it as I was really looking forward to joining one and all having a  fly and then sitting about at the B.B.Q telling porkies along with you all. My turn will come for a fly.

      Great video men Hey Ross it’s taken along time but I see some small improvement


      Mr Moose

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      Geez Moose I’m pleased there is some slight improvement.. Hope your foot is still sore..😁 

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