RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2019 Fly-In @ The Field 31st October 2019

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      My video from today.


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      Here is my take on the day play:

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      yep  gotta agree  10 out of 10 stars

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      WHAT ABOUT THE MOOOSE’S FLYING TODAY  just perfect you would have been thinking he was from the  top gun flight school he was flying so brilliantly as iv always  said this little fur lined fella is a gem possibly with a bit of polish from top gun school  that can happen  but from what i know of this truly outstanding pilot  he may not need it    uncle g held back today which was a surprise  but the winds were a tad vicious   so well done ace for a wise decision  steve was a game young fella getting up there an at it but as one of the most experienced flyers it was  a no brainer for this lad  buttttt  shytttt happens to the best an so it did   RIP  widdle red balsa wood thingi     El Presidente  was in fine form as well  skilful flying  at its best from our top management  Bad Angel and Predator as always perfect  but the hero worship must go to the mooose  for the airshow excel lance  today

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        Yes Kermit, Moose is going very well with his flying. Mind you, the Frog was doing a good job with the Tundra & the big glider till the landing (that still needs a bit of work) but overall pretty good for a beginner.

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      Here is some extended video of the E-flite X-Vert VTOL plane flying in very windy conditions @ The Field yesterday.

      This video was pieced together from footage shot by Ross (Bad Angel)

      It was impossible to land vertically due to the strong winds so belly landings were the order of the day.

      Both vertical take off & hand launch worked fine and the actual normal mode flight was very stable even in the conditions.

      The plane has a Spektrum “SAFE” control board fitted with Vertical, Normal & Agility modes. Agility mode is currently disabled in the controller.

      I’ll reinstall the FPV camera & VTX before our next Fly In and get some more onboard footage recorded at the Ground Station.

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