RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Fly-In @ “The Field” 6th February 2020

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      Another fine day of flying & other frivolities at the Field today on what turned out to be a rather warm and slightly windy day. Didn’t keep anyone on the ground though with everyone (except poor old Seaside Mitch) enjoying multiple flights.  The air above the field was abuzz with multiple planes in the air together.

      After pranging his Red Devil yet again Stephen finally tracked down his intermittent problem to a faulty servo, that was after replacing Tx, Rx, motor & who knows what else as well as rebuilding after each prang.  Hopefully next time she will fly without fail.

      Ian, another of many prangs, finally got to fly FPV with his goggles today and he went exceptionally well and even attempted a landing FPV, only to lose his video feed a few metres off the ground.  His mighty Bix 3 still landed in one piece although it wasn’t with the grace that Ian is known for.

      Ross, Gerald & Ricky all had multiple flights while Kermit muffed his first Tundra take-off and then had to settle on flying his DJI Phantom quad as he inadvertently left at home the wing of the only other plane he had with him.

      Ross spent a fair bit of time with his handi-cam today so no doubt there will be another Bad Angel video in the making.

      I had a couple of uneventful flights with the new Bixler 2 -V2. Being nice & straight and not held together with glue & tape she flew beautifully but I had forgotten just how under powered these planes are when standard & I will be fitting the Sport motor before our next flight.

      Also had several flights with the Fox glider that I had refitted with an FRSky Rx till the Spektrum range issues were sorted on the Jumper T16 Pro radio.

      The Fox is a big girl (and old) but she still flies (and glides) beautifully. Today I had the Runcam 2 fitted to the top of the cockpit & the Digital Stabiliser turned off in the video below, see what you reckon compared to the previous flights with different camera locations but all with DS activated.

      Still didn’t get to fly the FoxBat yet, I would like a windless day for her first flight due to its tiny size.

      With regard to the Jumper T16 Pro and the low range issues of last week, after liaising with the very helpful staff of Phaser FPV (the supplier) the firmware in the radio (OpenTX) and the firmware in the Multi Protocol Module have both been upgraded to the latest versions currently available.

      On-site testing today with the grateful assistance of Gerald gave over 200 metres range in Lo Power (Range Test) mode whereas last week we could not get even 100 metres in Hi Power mode.

      The other issue is that Spektrum Telemetry is rather short range so Telemetry Alarm Reporting needs to be disabled as a minimum or else completely disable telemetry when using Spektrum protocols. The radio operating range now seems fine but even with the upgrades the telemetry still fails at will under 200 metres.

      A couple more pics from today



      More pics from today are here






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      it was a very fine day for flying  unfortunately  that big black eagle was circling above and was just waiting for me to get in the air and there was the problem I was intimidated  by it  after being taken down by that monster so many times in the past I’m nervous so on my take off I let it get to me  so in effect I didn’t stuff up  it was the eagle

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      Well the old boys were at it again today:

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      Well done once again BA  we would have had a full crew if dear ol Mr moose  had been there ……… A please explain email has been sent to him on behalf of our leader  quite a stern one  too but that’s what a 2ic does on the leaders behalf  (personally I wouldn’t have sent one )

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      Well what can I say I just hope that you actually had Presidential authority to send the Moose a please explain and you didn’t just do that on your assumption that Presidential authority would be forthcoming or are we just reading fake news, I suggest caution as our dear leader kim Jong Ian my reinstate the fatwa.

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      emmmm i’m good  fake news  gotcha

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      Good pics Mike

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        I took heaps more, but haven’t posted them all.

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