RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Fly-In @ “The Field” 9th June 2020

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      Today Hoppy (Chris) was the weatherman making the call to fly and whilst it wasn’t prefect it definitely was an improvement on my last couple of calls.

      It was a bit chilly starting out at about 6deg @ the field and slowly creeping its way up to a max of 12 but at least the wind was generally only light (but lazy & cold) and got even lighter after lunch.

      We had 7 pilots today with Chris, Gerald, Moose, Kermit, Stephen, Ross & me.

      Kermit got off to a bad start & bent his “Black Boy” so it will be off to the repair shop for him. Moose managed a couple of decent flights with his Tundra until a bit too hard landing loosened his landing gear and put him out of action as well.

      Stephen went close to another mishap with a parked car after finding his rebuild plane had far too little aileron control to be successful. After a tweak on the radio limits he was back in the air and had successful flights for the rest of the day.

      Ross had a couple of flights with his U.5 (Black Bix 3 Spy Plane) but did not have the FPV gear reinstalled so only had limited time in the air.

      Chris was flying several different planes today inc the Skipper in and around the trees (video to follow later) and also his Warthog that finished is last flight on one engine only after throwing one of the EDF fans out into the middle of the field. As luck would have it we managed to find the part (bright orange colour helped) & no doubt it will soon be repaired. He also managed several nice long flight with his X450 VTOL plane with a camera attached for at least one of them.

      My Bix 2 Sport is still in the repair shop (almost finished) so I opted to fly the 2M Prowler FPV & give the new Visor X – Little Pilot VR headset a good workout.

      Two successful flights of around 10 minutes each & I was duly impressed with the FPV headset & the Prowler in the sometimes rather bumpy conditions.

      Here are a few videos from today

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      Hoppy’s videos from today

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        Nice video of my black thing Pred

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      GENTLEMEN AN THE MOOSE  I know it takes a lot of time to capture and edit upload and redeposit a video into our site for the rest of the world to appreciate  so thank you fellas again top notch stuff  I could blame my failure today on technical wheeze bang stuff relating to the demise of my black boy today  but I cant it was human error  I put black boy into the air where those  big bad eagles fly  they saw black boy and demolished it  an that’s the truth   Moving on   The moose first time in yonks the boy was with us in PERSON   the real deal  an boy oh boy did he fly ……NOPE   moving on  that pesky BAD ANGEL had a good day he even landed his aircraft properly  several times in fact due to his participation in TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOLS  EXTRA HELP PROGRAM  for under achievers RC FLYING  if he continues to display competence in this manner  he will be granted full flight status  UNCLE G’s   TGFS top guns  x student was again today showing why he is the best of the best  vicious winds kept some on the deck but not he for he is afraid of nothing and it showed  …beautiful to watch brought tears to our eyes no man was left with out tears in there eyes  HOPPY was again doing what hoppy does an you can see it on the video  flying several  aircraft at once  is a feat to watch an he does it soooo well  very talented boy an NOT  A  TGFS student either     PREDATOR was again in the air displaying his bravado in high wind long distance flying   AND A FINE VIDEO IS THE RESULT OF THESE FLIGHTS  again not another TGFS student  but still a fine flyer   STEPHAN  was again in good form after an abortive attempt to remove my car from his flight path and showing how his putt putt could fly with mis aligned ailerons but with the skill he has learned by watching me fly he was able to land and rectifier the problem and went on to have a good days flying  Getting back to THE MOOSE   I was a bit curt in relation to his day  so Mr moose …………… get over it    you wanna be the NEW 2ic  GO FOR IT  I DARE YOU     KERMIT LA FROG 2ic IN WAITING

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        How it happened, according to the Frog. Back to his old tricks again. Never ever let the truth stand in the way of a good and entertaining story. Bravo Mr Frog.

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      My take on the day:

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      “MY TAKE ON THE DAY by BAD ANGEL”  Beautiful work  once again by the bad angel production company  a  pleasure to watch an  see the flight line gang at their worst now with the moose back it will get even more uncontrollable  it was so pleasant way back  then  but times change and riff raff slip in an there goes the tranquility of the place   ohh well  at least bad angel has quietened down now that the moose is back  an I for one missed our beloved president today  he was sorely missed                   KERMIT LA FROG 2ic IN WAITING

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        Well said Frogget yeah having the Moose back  has sort  of cramped my style a tad but the BA shall return to his mean ld ways when you least expect it…👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹

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      Without the President the peanut gallery discipline has gone out the window.

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        Totally agree Hoppy but it’s all caused by a totally undisciplined and uncouth Frog. B A has spoken for and on behalf of my dearest president for life… I just love my hero president to bits even if he has skinny legs and rather bright socks, geez that reminds me I must get some..😎

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      TO TRUE HOPPY   so sad to see all the good work out the window now that that fur thing is back  by the way black boy is now repaired  after his forced landing  with minimal damage  due to brilliant flying ……. lookin quite spif

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      MR BAD ANGEL SIR  I’M more concerned with the smooth operation of the flight line gang than noticing you two doing disrupting things  THAT is what our president is looking for in a 2IC  an I do it well because I have studied under the greatest leader the world has seen OUR LIVING GOD  president IAN the magnificent  hence the reason I’m so good   one last itty bitty thing   dear BA  I will get our president nice thick bright coloured socks first

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        Well ya too late got mine today would post a photo but dunno know how to apparently me photos are 2 big for this site so there, BA rules 👹

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          I received the picture you sent to me to be posted for you BAD ANGEL  some how though i don’t think there right for our president  but you brought them so good luck with em

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      Hey Kermit

      did you know

      Scientists say

      The world is made up of neutrons and protons

      But they left out morons

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      OHHHH GOOD ONE ……… NOW I KNOW YOUR BETTER ….. IF YOU FLY TOMORROW I think you should be the 2IC for the day just so’s you can get experience of being someone important  a flashing glimpse of  a mini me  

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      Sorry folks The Moose will not be attending Friday

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      what about Saturday  ?

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      I had a look at the weather for Saturday & it is predicted to be very windy & cold.

      Best leave till next week.

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      At least the Moose has a thick fur coat   bad weather is no problem for him ay   an even BAD ANGEL with the furnace of hell burning under him  shouldn’t be a problem  for him either  just us mere mortals have to put up with it  not fair  

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      What’s new today?  IanR m


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        Well dear leader  I woke up an found  the world intact.   The dragon was belting out fire  so all was good for me,  then at 7.40  I totted of to the shack for some work I had to do  got very wet came home had a shower an went to bed  that’s  what was new today for me  ……..ok

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