RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2019 Fly In @ The Field 9th October 2019

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      It was another good day for our second fly-in at The Field however we weren’t treated to the perfect conditions of the first day. This time round it was rather chilly with a fairly stiff S/W wind for most of the day.

      Didn’t stop anyone from flying though with Ross, Kermit, Stephen and your truly all taking to the air for multiple flights.

      It was good to have Moose join us at The Field after being out of action for several weeks due to a medical condition, but he is now back to his old self and enjoyed multiple flights of the Bixler II Sport on the buddy box trainer system. He was doing high flying and low flying as well as practising multiple landings, all in anticipation of getting his brand new Ranger 2400 airborne in the very near future.

      EDIT: Oh dear, how remiss of me (must be getting old and suffering a touch of C.R.A.F.T).

      We also has Ian in attendance but his Phantom 4 is still in the hanger under repair so no quad flying today and there were binding (or lack of) issues with the new failsafe receiver Ian had installed in the Bixler III.  I’m sure you will have it all sorted by next week Ian, if not at least bring the paperwork along so that we have a chance of sorting it out at the field.

      The onsite hut was pressed into action today for our lunchtime BBQ and it sure was nice to be able to cook and sit inside in comfort well out of the elements.

      Looking forward to the next Fly-In.

      A couple of videos today from my Firstar-EX “Raptor” FPV plane. Today she was carrying 3 cameras.

      Video from main FPV camera (Stabilised Runcam2 mounted on Pan/Tilt gimbal)


      Video from WingTipCam (Mobius Mini-non stabilised)


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      Some nice video here today…

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      Two days away an just looked at the videos  I agree with predator  another lot of informative videos well edited Our little group are very fortunate to have   two of the best video fellas in Tasmania  what does disappoint me somewhat is the lack of communication from the gang to these videos  so fellow flyers do your bit even if its just “thank you” to the boys  there is a lot of hard work time wise to download to edit and put the whole story as a story  and put it on line for us all to relive the fun  SOOOO from now on thank the fellas  through this site as least we know then that you have seen it  end of rant 

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        Thank you Kermie (me old froggy mate), your comments are appreciated, at least we know you read the posts.

        I know frogs have very short memories (perhaps like fish) so I guess this is the only way to know what you actually got up to, after the event is over.

        How are the repairs to the Tundra going?  It didn’t show up in any of the videos but in case you have forgotten you had one rather hard landing, or was it the impact with the fence strainer wire that did the damage?

        Well she be airborne again next week?


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      Thanks La Froggo   it’s a pleasure doing it but was very disappointed with our gang this week..  NO FUHNIES…please make sure this does not happen again… And thanks for the thanks much appreciated.😎

      The Bad Angel has spoken..


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      Monday’s shaping up sort of ok for a fly…  It’s warmest day @ 22deg, 15 -20k wind from the north so could be quite protected from the wind, maybe, it’s a whole new wx patten at the field to learn to make the right call…

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      ARRRHHH PREDATOR DEAR BOY  NOPE the fence line was at  least 20ft away  she was in a tussuck clump  only the wheel section was damaged  so she came in lightly  as i have just a cuppla hours ago got home i will now attend to that  as my flight instructor would say any landing is a good landing or was it  any landing………………….   aw stuff it ……….. will be fixed in two shakes of a lamb”s tail

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