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      It’s been shearing time down on the farm & that along with the less than ideal weather has stopped us from flying for a week or two.

      Anyway it was back into it today with five hardy pilots fronting on a rather windy (and at times chilly) day for some flying fun & frivolity.

      Poor old Dave rushed out for a fly (when a previous appt was cancelled) only to leave his field box sitting on his workbench so upon arrival he realised there was no flight batteries & no wing spar for his Razor. Dave was offered several other planes to fly but he decided to be official observer today and not fly.

      Stephen arrived a little late and also without a plane to fly.  At least they both got to enjoy the scintillating company & lunchtime BBQ.

      I used all my flight batteries up belting the old Bix 2 around the ground as it was way too windy to attempt auto tuning the iNav system in the Raptor.

      Moose had several completely uneventful flights with his Razor & the Ranger 1600 while Kermit after flying, pranging & repairing his Bix 3 went of for several more Bix 3 flights & a few with his SkySurfer.

      All in all a pretty uneventful day.


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      Looks like I made the right choice,  it was perfect day for sailing down at Forcett Lakes, nice steady breeze blowing all day.

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      And don’t forget to tell about the sunshine Uncle G

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      Oops sorry, beautiful sunshine and a warm breeze blowing across the Lake all morning.

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        Yes, well actually I told a little fib so those that missed out on flying today wouldn’t feel so bad.

        As you will see in the videos, brilliant warm sunshine most of the morning & down to Tee shirts, shorts & thongs for the BBQ.

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      Yes Stop telling fibs Mike

      I got a bit of sunburn

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        How do Moose’s get sunburn with a fur coat?

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          geeze UNCLE G don’t you know anything he had his summer fur on even the sheep were shorn  (woolless )

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          I dunnow  Mr moose ….. money talks

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          Nope wool less…… no d

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      Laying back in my chair under belly exposed there is no fur on the Moose underbelly

      I thought you would have known that Uncle G

      Don’t let me down again could effect our friendship isn’t that right Kermit

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      Nice sailing breeze today so 5 of us had a social sail and practice races at the Canal Jetty.  Hopefully BA will provide the video entertainment later. Nb the ducks won all the races.

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      I got 2 issues.

      1. I’m after 2 identical small servos about 4.5grams or 5 grams. I e got some coming in from china but could be a month or more. It’s for a small ducted fan jet I’m building as got the frame from Kermit.


      2. I dropped my Jumper T Lite Transmitter and broke 3 of the 4 three way switches on top. Any idea of replacements? Also I broke the battery compartment hatch if anyone can print a replacement? I should have fixed on the neck strap properly!

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        see what ya get when you miss a fly day

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        Are these servos any good for you Hoppy?

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        Chris, you should be able to get replacement 3 pos’n switches from Jaycar or Active Electronics.

        About the only local shops to stock servos are McCann’s Model World or Nick’s Hobby Shop but they may only have the 9gm servos & not the 5gm ones.

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      WELL  TOP VID THERE MR PREDATOR SIR,  I doubt if it will get far in the awards section though…………   unless you have some coin s in ya pocket………….just say’n

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      Well seeing I can’t fly I went sailing…..yes they returned…do you believe:

      Ok so the acting was so so bad shortened it…. That is all:

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      Funniest sailing video. Bundy always makes sailing fun. Look forward to more videos like this.

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      Great video 😂

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      It was a fun video  but according to the film critic and judge there will be to much water in it ………………………………………just say’n

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      YES I BELIEVE   BA    because its on the video  if its not on video it didn’t happen    right

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      Hoppy……….I have some small servos too if you need them still……I’ll bring them next flyday.


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      Ian thanks but I just popped round to Ron’s and got 2.

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      SO YOU HAVE HAD A WORD TO THE MR MOOSE  AY               what’s wrong the purse empty ?

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      Top Gun flight School Policy

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      Due to the fact that there was more than one person involved in the making of this substandard video I am reluctant to Present an award this week.

      If uncle G had not left his camera in the car the result may have been different

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        OHHHHH   PREDATOR ISNT GOING TO LIKE his videos called  SUBstandard video   I PERSONALLY THOUGHT ALL HIS VIDEOS WERE FANTASTIC   BUT YOU CALLED THEM  substandard  oh my gosh  how much is UNCLE G paying you for the title   MY  effort in PREDATORS  video was minimal  the bulk of work was all his   ” SUBSTANDARD   ”   EFFORT   BUT WHAT HECK ay .     Unadulterated crap  is no way to express your opinion on someone’s  ( predators ) effort     YOU MAY BE FLYING IN A PADDOCK far far away  on your own after this insult as the majority will be most up set on your opinion of his brilliant work    shame  shame

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      My servos arrived already from China in less than 2 weeks. I just looked at the forecast and monday looks like the least worst day for a week so put in calendar but you need to look at august.

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