RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying Elsewhere Flying at Driftwood Beach Barretto Zambales Philippines

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      It was easy flying to Philippines. We got a PCR test at Melbourne airport and it only took 40min to get the negative results but you need to allow 4 hour transit time between flights. Also its half the price of getting a test done in Hobart. We were lucky in that Philippines dropped hotel quarantining from Feb 1st and we landed on the 7th. I bought a small 7 seater Chevvy Orlando car and am now used to driving on the wrong side of the road again. Only issue is the windows are so tinted its hard to drive nightime especially if reverse parking!


      We have a 1 bed furnished apartment with pool that we are renting by the month.  I have been working on my boat for a week. BOAT means Bring On Another  Thousand (dollars) and this is the case when 23 months absence. Both diesels were seized but a local mechanic got them going after a day. Need 1 new alternator and 4 new batteries. Getting it antifouled this week probably on a nearby beach.


      My apartment and boat are too close to Subic Bay airport so my DJI drone wont take off but yesterday I drove 5km to a local beach and got footage. It was good to see the beach more crowded than before lockdowns. Its been taken back by fishing boats (bankas) and locals swimming instead of tourist boats taking tourists diving and snorkelling. The local kids liked my drone. Here is brief footage:



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      COOL HOPPY  AS THE MOOSE didnt give out the GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD LAST WEEK  you should claim it   because your best buddies …..RIGHT    look forward  to more  videos  an who knows  more awards   thanks cobber

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      Thanks Chris, I finally got around to watching your video. Great to see footage from other parts of the world.
      What is the net line running parallel with the beach? Shark line or something?

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        The line is to give a safe swimming area by keeping the jetskis away. No big sharks here. Dont think there has been a fatality since WW2. I swim and snorkel and worse is sea lice which are baby jellyfish but you hardly notice the sting and no mark.

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