RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Flying into and around trees at the field


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      A few tree crashes today and two by me. My Skipper was badly repaired from last crash and not flying great so that was the first to go down. This time with not much damage. After that I just flew my Blade Torrent 110 mini quad. Much easier to fly around trees than a plane as you can slow down and it has a betaflight flight controller.  One tree clip with no damage exscept to my pride.  I also maidened the frankenpitts but the motor failed in flight and the wheels sheared off on arrival.  Here is the Skipper flight and crash:




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      My bit from today,

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        Nice one Uncle G.

        Only just finally got around to watching all the day’s action.

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        Another quality production from the Frog Pond Mr Kermit.

        I think you managed to catch every mishap of the day, well done.

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      Poor old Skipper did appear rather unstable today Hoppy, definitely not its usual performance.

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      WELL PRED OL COBBER I HAVE TO  thank myself because I gave myself the covid needle  which made me hyper active so I saw every thing  I still have a few viles left just for you blokes  You saw the fur coat running right  when did you ever see him run  thanks to the needle I gave him  he’s now a woollier fur coat ………just say’n

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