RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying Elsewhere Flying – NOT at Toad Hall Airstrip

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      What a great day for flying!

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      Congrats MR SINKER     A  fine example of  pussy patting video if ever I saw one   may I say how dull the flight was  No challenge No birdies  No trees  dear boy there was No excitement  No risky flying  so many No’s ….. In light of that what ever it was   I will give you a free training coarse at TOP GUN FLYING SCHOOL AIRFIELD  in the art of avoidance… ie.. trees, birds , cliff winds , all you have to do is pick up the  phone an dial TGFS number  ask for me and I shall teach you what you have wished for  for so long now …to be a real pilot …like us  Rest asured no videos will record your attempts  as we respect those that wish to try  like yourself  …..you will be a better and a real pilot after your training  …………………….sort of ….KERMIT LA FROG  director . chief flying instructor .  TOP GUN FLYING SCHOOL  our motto :   if theres a tree we will find it

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        Sorry, I forgot to mention NO fees or donations required on the good side of the bay!

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      That’s a very nice field Mr Sinker!     Where is it and can we use it?   (Top Gun Flight School pilots could add virtual trees if required.)

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        Ian, it’s at Droughty Point, the land is privately owned and is about to be subdivided. Also, there is no vehicle access and nowhere to park, the road is very narrow.

        To top it off, there is a couple of trenches running parallel with the road making foot access difficult.

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      DEAR UNCLE G    I have been in dated with emails and  telephone calls requesting that TGFS  gives you one years worth of flying lessons  FREE   due to your carer duties to the wheel chair mob , after talking with TGFS managers  we have decided to give you this free one year coarse  totally  free but wait there’s more we will give you another six months absolutely free because of your known deficiency  We want the best for you  BUT WAIT there’s even more  if you ring in the next 2 minutes we will give you absolutely Free no strings attached  2 steak knifes  Chinese sharpened guaranteed to outlast 2 cuts        Ring now  happiness awaits you   Regards    KERMIT LA FROG

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      I thought there had to be a snag!   Are we going to operate out of Kermit’s place in future; (TGFS)…..or use the Rifle Range end of things that doesn’t appear quite so sodden?

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      I also did not get the invite to fly at Toad Hall so here is my non TH footage from today:


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        Another nice video Chris, the water always looks warm & inviting.

        Back to our usual Flying field next week as its finally drying out & Greg is happy for us to return.

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      fantastic video as usual from the one who knows how to fly   TGFS  field wouldn’t be a problem for you hoppy as for an invite ….. as for any one who wishes to fly the the trees its here come fly but be warned it is a high risk place  and not much hope of getting a plane from the high trees if an when you find said tree

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