RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Flying on the first day of Spring 2021

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      Today was the first day of Spring down South in Tassie and it was almost pleasantly warm but boy was it blowing a gale !! From memory the bureau predicted 40 knots & I reckon many of the gusts were at least that.  Planes left sitting on the ground tended to take off by themselves so I opted to leave mine (the ones not being flown) in the car.

      Flying started around the usual time of 11:00am but due to a prior commitment it was closer to 12:30 when I finally arrived so someone else will need to fill in the mornings gossip.

      I got straight into flying with the Bixler 2 Sport and got around 15 minutes for the first flight, here is a short edited video


      Next it was the turn of the Sky Shadow and boy was the iNav stabiliser working overtime trying to level out the flight. Never the less I managed 2 x 15 minute flights and the flying wing is still in one piece. Video to follow.


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      Like Hoppy, no video from me today.

      Kermit, you could finally win the prestigious “Golden Moose Award” (if your video meets the Moose’s normal high standards).

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      IF GENTLEMEN THERE IS NO OTHER VIDEO FOR OUR FLYING  then i decline THE GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD  and will wait for the next fly   so enjoy my effort

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      I think the morning consisted of abalone, scallops with a side of sausages.

      Kermit paid me heaps to not upload any videos today so that he can finally win a Golden Moose, but Mike’s video looks pretty good.

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      For once I agree with Kermit  only one video submitted and that was dubious standard filming.  gates opening and shutting, people eating,

      cars leaving the ground ,mates talking  what has that got to do with the skill of flying

      As for predators video I thought I was watching a  jitterbug competition

      Therefor no video is worthy of  my GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD

      No correspondence will be entered into

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        Gee Mr Moose, I think there is some jumping the gun going on here, I only just got my second video posted & anyway I thought Kermit’s was very good to boot.

        As far as the Jitterbug in my video’s I must agree with your comment BUT when you are flying in 40K winds you really can’t expect much else.

        Anyway regardless of the Awards Status it was another good fun day of flying.

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          YEA predator sir  he does that jumps in feet first cant swim an this effort to squash anyone other than his bestest mate who hasnt put in a video shows how far he is prepared to squash any one else  shame SHAME

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        HA  MR MOOSE    you may not wish to enter into a debate on the virtues of an award that can only be won by exchanging currency but  in the interest of the other film presenters and producers  that as a non film maker ie YOU  should resist making statements on a matter that you cannot   comprehend   let alone produce …broadly speaking Harvey Weinstein tried to malipulate  females in his films for sex  you on the other hand are trying to coherese we the honest video makers by  currency ….. already a lesser video maker has succumb to your ways and is now your bestest mate   tusk tusk  WE SHALL RESIST 


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          Kermit my man, what has happened, not a misplaced CAPITAL LETTER in site & all nicely printed in italics to boot !!

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            SHUCKS BOY its nuttin wheelly

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      hoppy hoppy wata mistka ta maka….  frabricating a story …..   did the brothers two  entice you to put forth this codswallop for another golden moose award ….   shame on you  I would ofcouse expect this gobblie goop  from UNCLE G  as he is the reigning miss information expert but  YOU  a respected award winner to stoop so low almost as low as the brothers two  an thats as low as a snakes belly……….  SO there is still time to redeem yourself  rescind your  false statement  or else loose the respect you have enjoyed before you join the dark two in purgatory…………………………………….just say’n

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      Yes Kermit nicely typed

      Suggestion:   give up trying to make videos and take up typing

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      interesting proposition  MR FUR COAT  will you go in a simular vein

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